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  1. In the Philippines, there's not much going on during Halloween, but in the place where I live, they have these trick o' treatin' inside the area, as well as having contests to see who's got the best costume etc. It's also a holiday since we celebrate November 1 and all that jazz. But since I'm not in the PH, I'll probably just be chilling at school/at home lol
  2. So does that mean we get a real-time fighting mechanism instead of the classic turn-based combat? Really reminds me of Aura Kingdom though, lol. Neptune's outfit also kind of looks like Saber Lily's. And yeah, character designs are just (y). If it's real-time combat like most RPGs are, then I might enthusiastically grab it myself ^^
  3. Stoodell


    I went to the mirror this morning and I saw one. Scary stuff man
  4. Not really too sure where to put this (probably in the gaming forum), but I recently just discovered something that you may already have known light years before me. I have quite the interest in Kancolle not because of the weird mecha-fittings, but because of the variety of voice actors put in, and also the thought of giving historical World War II ships some attention. [FLOAT_RIGHT][/FLOAT_RIGHT]As for the title part, my most favorite Kancolle character is Kongou. Her character and voice actor just fits so well for some reason, and her VA at least avoids 1/2 of that "Engrish" territ
  5. Awesome! It's currently happening on the new style (forgot to mention that part ). EDIT: Woops, I mean font awesome icons. This is what I get for getting out of the coding business for several months
  6. I need to prepare myself before watching KyoAni's Sound Epo-... ephopo--.. Sound Euphonium

    1. Optic


      The drama is strong in this one. And the first episode is a double length one. :)

    2. Stoodell


      Ooo, I guess I really have to prepare properly haha xd I saw that Kancolle Kongou is voicing a certain senior >\\\

  7. No problem~ It looks better and more convenient now =) (and those little avatar icons look fancy haha) And uhmm, it seems like the other themes lost their navigation menu lol EDIT: > The favicons on the Gallery are borked as well
  8. The style is really great on the forum listing but I think the post width are a bit too wide for my taste. And yeah, some stuff are missing/borked because as stated, it's a new theme~
  9. Favorite character? Pff, of course it's Chartell, who else would it be? All jokes aside (I swear I've seen this joke before), my current favorite character from an actual anime is Saya Sasamiya from Gakusen Toshi Asterisk (I wonder why Chartell looks so similar to someone).
  10. Hehey, I use GIMP 2.0 because I'm too lazy to learn the pro-level stuff even though I want to, lol
  11. Yup haha, but I think she'll be using it more often as the show's cover photo suggests x)
  12. We have the same favorite ReZero loli ;D
  13. Well, I wasn't expecting that weak aircraft gun fire sound effects, lol, but the soundtracks were very fitting in my opinion. A few moments of the two girls' past were revealed and I hope the next episode won't let us down (as it could contain more action-packed scenes). Nerd Corner? So the witch's broom is a Russian anti-tank rifle (it looks like a PTRS-41) while the country that Princess Fine represents is still unknown to me. However, their tanks are much like the French Renault FT Light Tank (which you would also see in Battlefield 1).
  14. My favorite? Well, of course it's one of my dear channel personas, Sentichell~ (Artist) All jokes aside (aka for the titles side), all I can remember is Kaede Kayano from Assassination Classroom. I would also like to up Sinon as well~ I'm not gonna say why I like her because it would spoil the whole anime itself
  15. Watch out, the Fleet of Fog has yet again found its way inside World of Warships, an arcade 3rd-person naval-based shooting game revolving around World War II warships ranging from the tiny destroyers to the floating airstrips of what we call aircraft carriers. If you're a fan of Arpeggio of Blue Steel -Ars Nova-, then this news is for you. Meet the tsundere of the waters, who has quite the affection for Chihaya Gunzou and the attitude of doing things for him not because she likes him, but because she likes him. Although Takao is in-game and with the player not having to waste their hard
  16. Certainly true. I just hope they don't go overboard with it
  17. Makes a lot of sense haha, it's just weird to see their parents wearing pants/skirt while the two sisters where bloomers/swimsuit/or something
  18. Haha, I guess my sources were right, Shuumatsu no Izetta was indeed showcased at Wargaming's booth during the Tokyo Game Show 2016
  19. Finally found the time to watch it. It seems like she lives in the same place as Yoshika, Fusou. The show had a trope of "bully the little sister," but that didn't last long. Just like the first episode of Strike Witches, they immediately move on to the main plot. I like her elder sister, both personality and character design are lovely. I guess now I know some inspirations to my next OC c; I wonder if Yoshika will meet her. And the mystery is still amidst as to why they can never wear pants Cinematography is great, CGI is a bit awkward though. The food though, they pointed
  20. I was not bored... I promise! https://youtu.be/McoQy98uXl8

  21. You mean "Brave Witches," right? Still going to watch this, hope it will be as good as you said ;3
  22. F-fair enough >u< and I like to call girls grills x)
  23. Isn't Rem a Spring grill? Mine are Collette and Imari~ Collette because she's playful and sometimes meme-y (makes meme-ish faces) And Imari because she became so caring when someone tried to spy on her and she also does things she doesn't even realize that she's doing (blushing moments -- at least she gets herself together when those things happen )
  24. I agree with you both, the first episode didn't really leave a lot of impact on me, just a generic "rescued by a childhood hero" kind of trope. Well, at least they didn't drag it too long which would totally just drop the show's quality. And yeah, I also hope it will have a nice and decent future (erhmm, Haifuri, erhmm)
  25. I'm keeping it smaller this time around as I have yet to catch up with the summer shows. In fact, I only finished one summer anime, which is KonoBi Here's my [sure] watch list for this fall: Bubuki Buranki: Hoshi no Kyojin - not a lot of people like this show as it's kind of going everywhere, in which I also agree. But storywise, it's kind of interesting and considering that the studio behind this title also worked on Arpeggio of Blue Steel. That one was a really great CGI-style anime. Shuumatsu no Izetta - I'm a big fan of military stuff, but this one's got a little twist i
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