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NHK: what do you feel while facing the society ?

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Sorry, was on a hold while I was reading a book.

This week, we have on our plate NHK ni Youkoso: A psychological dramedy, which follows the story of a 22-year boy named Tatsohiru satou who is a hikikomori and unable to face the society.

While a bit slow story and some good comedy in punches in between at some points, it doesn't ended the way I would've hoped and expected for which I eagerly waited for while watching till end. It raises some questions like what is it that make sometime a person avoid the society to extreme and live in it's small world of it's own.

I have been a hikikomori in some parts of my life but I have figured some reasons for it which I might open about in some later times.

But the purpose here of the thread is to know your views on what you feel while you are out in the world while you are out of your room and in the society which includes your school, your playground, your work place etc. What do you you think attract or repel you towards or against the outer world respectively and how would you prefer your life to proceed, viz. as part of the outer world or more of your own world which currently exists in your mind and within the bounds of the four walls of your house.

let me know what you think.


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