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Discuss anything you find fascinating in any series (anime + non-anime) you are watching or have completed. Question or discuss the views presenneted in the series. Discuss philosophers mentioned in it or the ideology presented in the episode/ series. Add your personal views on the theme of the series if you feel any and anything that you want to share based on your deep thinking on the issue shown in the series. Turn yourself into a "real-life philosopher" while participating in this club and make your entertainment linked with your intellectual development. I hope you guys enjoy the club meetings......
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  2. I do not believe Light was in the right, at least not in the end. If he had completed what he was doing, he would have been the only criminal left on earth, making the biggest hypocrite of all. I do however believe how he started was just, he killed criminals and only criminals and as he said, someone had to do it, he took it upon himself as his burden and he carried it out very well up until he decided he was God. Honestly, I didn't have much of a problem with him at first, yes I would not kill unless it were to protect someone else and I didn't see the point in him killing already jailed convicts but from his original point of view, honestly I didn't think he was a bad person. I definitely would not have done away with the deathnote and depending on the situation I may have even used it myself, like when Light saw on the news the hostage situation and how the hostages were going to be killed and he wrote the criminals name in the note, I feel he was fully justified and in the right in doing so.
  3. I think that kira went too far with his so called justice. He himself would have been the last evil person if his plan had been completed (as ryuk once said). I think that the real moral of the show is that no human should have that kind of power it will drive them mad. But L is also wrong. I think if you want real justice delivered you have to step out the barriers a little bit - batman is a good example of someone who steps out the barrier and gets the job done even though things can get hectic sometimes. I think that its impossible for complete justice to exist and no person can carry out the role of bringing complete justice. Its a complicated subject and could be studied from many different angles with many different opinions but noone knows for sure. Anyway thats just a little of what I thought about the meaning of justice in the show.
  4. Sorry, was on a hold while I was reading a book. This week, we have on our plate NHK ni Youkoso: A psychological dramedy, which follows the story of a 22-year boy named Tatsohiru satou who is a hikikomori and unable to face the society. While a bit slow story and some good comedy in punches in between at some points, it doesn't ended the way I would've hoped and expected for which I eagerly waited for while watching till end. It raises some questions like what is it that make sometime a person avoid the society to extreme and live in it's small world of it's own. I have been a hikikomori in some parts of my life but I have figured some reasons for it which I might open about in some later times. But the purpose here of the thread is to know your views on what you feel while you are out in the world while you are out of your room and in the society which includes your school, your playground, your work place etc. What do you you think attract or repel you towards or against the outer world respectively and how would you prefer your life to proceed, viz. as part of the outer world or more of your own world which currently exists in your mind and within the bounds of the four walls of your house. let me know what you think.
  5. Do watch death note too @rudilla whenever u find time. It's among top three of the most loved anime on all time best anime list worldwide. has a rating of 9.3 around even after a near million votes.
  6. I am sorry for late reply. I was thinking on what you wrote and took me some time to get my views organized. I felt the same on the point that why should one bringing chaos should live. But when I thought deeply about it, I felt there could be other side to this also. Doesn't the one bringing chaos helps improve humankind altogether ? Everytime someone commits a crime, it sure cause a hurt and loss to people whose damage is irreparable. But then, there is also a chance to understand human behaviour through someone who commits crime. It tells the sources of vices coming in people and ways to mend it so that it can be prevented in future at mass level and thus help in betterment of the society. Also, sometimes, a crime is not committed out of interest but out of situation, circumstances and conditions and man's inability to understand it thus committing a mistake in form of crime. So how to decide whether to give the person a retribution or a chance of redemption? Won't a culture of absolute retribution will create an atmosphere of fear in the mind of every citizen so much that he/she becomes apprehensive (not careful) in doing anything that may be counted as crime and not a mistake for once so that he/she may have a chance to correct themselves before they are given capital punishment directly for committing it again if which case there killing can be justified for the sake of society ??
  7. wow, interesting plot....... will watch it. Sorry i didn't got any notification of this thread I don't know why. couldn't find details related to travel by satellite and world peace on internet although. But it seems promising to watch and find something new.So, added to watch-list. This plot reminded of fullmetal alchemist in which some people justified killing of some people to create philosopher's stone and that the protagonist (our hero) is totally against it even when he need the stone for his brother badly. However, it doesn't focus on world peace mainly. however, there are two sides to this philosophy at every place: is it justified killing few for many OR is loss of even a single life justified ? my inclination is towards latter i.e. how is even a single life for the sake of everyone else is justified. And even if justified for the sake of whole of humanity, who decides whose life should be taken ? Since no one can be considered god, thus no one clearly has the authority to decide whose life can be taken since everyone life is equally precious in some respect. Thus, my conclusion is that koko, even while having good intentions of killing for future world peace can''t be justified until and unless a person's life is taken for criminal deeds and intentions and that too done by way of law. Thanks for the nice topic @Norvath.... @Rudilla, looks like we have a flood of series to be watched based on club recommendations soon.....
  8. That's right, I'll make sure to watch it soon, it really sounds intriguing as story.
  9. Hey everyone, I am making threads on whatever series I watch and views on what I felt while watching the series reagarding it's philosophy or message conveyed. Given that I have a limit on number of series I have watched which I will keep adding here, I request other members to open threads on other series also which they found similarly interesting personally so that I (and everyone else) may find new series and learn about them by watching or discussing them here. I am expanding the scope of this thread from anime series to even hollywood tv series for your conviniences (but I will try to remain focussed more on anime since I find them more fascinating) so that any member can open thread upon any series they like for others. Looking forward for discussions on new series from you people (in addition to mine of course). Have a nice day.
  10. thanks for your excellent views @rudilla.......... your valuable mature response is always awaited from my side...... yeah, the butterfly effect you talked about is what's shown very beautifully in steins;gate in which okabe (protagonist) thinks changing past slightly won't make much difference in present untill he realizes that even the slightest of changes can erase the existence of some of people around him. So, your view in this regard, each and every word are absolutely spot on. It has been brilliantly shown in the series how if time travel becomes possible, time will become a weapon for states to fight between each other surpassing the power of nuclear weapons and how there could be a race between countries for achieving this weapon and can destroy the humanity. So, watch and enjoy the series: a must recommended from me and let me know if you get some new things generated in your mind regarding the theme of the anime.
  11. You should watch it's not a bad series it reminded me of Black Lagoon.
  12. That sounds to me like a madman, a madwoman in this case, definetley some kind of psychopath.
  13. Around 700,000 people would die and she believes she would be preventing future wars. She's also arms dealer and that how she funds her ambitions so she indirectly killed thousands of people.
  14. It depends on what she's accomplishing by saving lives, from what exactly and how many?
  15. In the anime Jormungand the main character objective is to save the earth and all that live on it is by taking away the ability to travel by air Via Satellite. But the way she will achieve this by sacrificing the lives of many in the process. In her eyes she is doing a great deed but some see it as mass murder. What is your thoughts on the way she is doing it.
  16. I'll also think about watching this one, to answer the question, this is a topic I've already thought about not so long ago. These are the facts: You are who you are in this very moment thanks to (or because of) all the events which happened to you during all your life so far, which means that if you even slightly modified one of them, it could have made a really big difference in the long scale. It's the butterfly effect, a tiny change in your life can make a huge difference in the future, even decisive of your own fate and your personality, how it will evolve and how it will remain in the end, because it all adds up to what I call 'experience'. Personally, I wouldn't want to undo anything I did in the past, I know I could be better, but I'm afraid that there are more chances of ruining myself by removing or adding certain events that if I do nothing. I wouldn't want to go to the past, not even to the future to see what I end up like, even if I keep saying "Knowledge is power", in this case it would be very likely to ruin your current personality. After all, we learn from mistakes, right? And if we undo the mistakes we did, sure, the bad thing didn't happen in the first place, but without you learning the lesson soon enough, you could be causing bigger trouble later on. That's my view on it. Changing the past is changing your experience, think twice before wanting to mess up something as 'deadly' and decisive as that. Great topic, by the way.
  17. Steins:gate, a series which is personally one of the closest to my heart, which presents a simple question to you; Do you really need to change your past in order to correct your mistakes or fulfill your wish OR should you accept whatever happens to you in your life as a matter of fate and live accordingly. The story in steins: gate has raised this question very eloquently in which the protagonist okabe rintarou accidentally invents a time machine which can send message back to past and thus modifying decisions in order to correct the future which is the present. But he does all this only to realize in the end how wrong he was and that the past should't be tampered with or else it turns into a disaster. But I am still open to discuss views on what do you feel regarding changing the past. DO you think it's okay to change some of past and that there could be ways by which an ideal future can be achieved or that it could turn into a wrong future with lots of misuses of time machine by the authorities or persons possessing such power or technology. On a side note, if you haven't seen the series, I would by full heart recommend you to see it. If you are starting it, sustain it till 8-9th episode until which point you start generating interest and it becomes heart-throbbing. This was the first series after watching number of series to which I gave a full rating of 10. Do present your views after you see and think about it.
  18. yea, it just has 13 episodes. so 4-5 hours of mini marathon will be good.....
  19. quite a nice one @rudilla......especially loved the last part..... it really just felt like someone deeply thought something in mind. I believe there is more in your subconscious mind than what came out in those lines, so will wait till u spill out some more next time...... will add some more angles in this discussion later...... elfen lied was a good series only when you can understand what is in it which is not shown explicitly.For a normal person, it will just be a regular watch without helping him getting what it wanted to reveal...... so a very nice applaud for the creator of it......... its sensitive, its heart-touching, its thoughtful........
  20. well, while i agree with many points in your lines, i am still not sure whether we could leave anything to chance. For some reasons, i cudn't understand fully ever why it's difficult to accommodate the differences among each other. They fight over religious differences, cultural differences, physical and even colour differences. But they forget, all these differences emerged after the origin of humanity itself and not the reverse, i.e. humans, when started on earth had similarities in all aspects but differences emerged due to various external and internal influences to improve the adaptibility as darwin, lamarck and mendel showed in their works. So, instead of fighting over them, humans were supposed to respect each other so as to promote the common good for everyone's survival in long term future. Instead they chose to work for short term gains and benefits which now endangers us as a whole in form of population explosion, climate change, high inequalities in society etc. Connect the patterns among all these and you will be able to figure out easily where are we gonna end up eventually.
  21. Elfen lied, one of finely crafted art-work, which raised question on how do you see a person different than you or on odds with the accepted societal standards, norms and values. Whether you hate the difference or embrace it by heart is decided on basis of many factors which could range from threat to your culture to threat to your survival and presents a big dilemma, of which the most important is resolving the conflict between humanity and conciliation with other kind of people with differences. The difference could range from biological, sociological, cultural or any other perspectives you may think of. In times when there is havoc going on over immigrations from extreme west to extreme east in the world and scientific debates over improvements of human species physiologically and structurally, elfen lied raises a very thought-provoking issue of social alienation and divisions among the people over differences among them and tries to bring out the true human character based on their inherent discriminatory practices for the fellow human beings. The rage and discontent which results from this cause men to fight over each other and proceed to mass demolitions of one side or the other to a non-recoverable level. So, share your views over the topic whatever you feel as right and wrong regarding these questions and themes or anything you want to say related to the subject. And be fully open while presenting your views since no one judges anyone here for their beliefs.
  22. Oh I see what you mean... in that case I have to agree with you, it wouldn't be stable enough.
  23. As martin luther king jr. said: "injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere"........ I am sure most of you people have seen death note based purely on the question of the way of deliverance of justice (by kira). So, what is your conception and meaning of justice ?? Do you think kira was right in the way he acted for justice. Why and why not ??
  24. in psycho pass, they have shown that the system won't do good because at the end of the day, you can't predict what a person will do ultimately but preventing it only on basis of a persons' tendencies. So, it surely is a faulty system because then there could be some people who can deceive system through one means or the other. But the serial is not like an Artificial intelligence, the era in which we have entered. So, a person can deceive a system only once but no other person can then repeat it since AI can evolve itself continuously. Question is whether any such kind of technocratic system can ever surpass human intellect since AI has the ability to pose existential threat to humans......... Just something to ponder upon while we leapfrog more and more bounds of technology.......
  25. The series has a bold new conception of a alternative system of society where a person's behaviour and tendencies are determined by the biometric scan value surrounding her called the psycho pass. How right do you feel this system is ? In the era of mass data repositories and surveillance, every move and behaviour of a person can be similarly determined by tech-giants and the government. They know what we are looking for, what we are thinking off and what we are preparing for. Unless a person is living totally cut-off from any kind of communication devices, his/her whole life can be mapped through the data intercepted without his awareness. So, can a person be judged on this basis to form the base of the so-called "utopian-society"....... Do write your views on it........

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