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  1. I have yet to see an author take a completely different path and come out unscathed tbh, lol. I can't name one as of now, but I'll probably remember later. Though, I completely agree. I was having a similar conversation about this the other day with a professor of mine, and I found it very fascinating. You're definitely right on views deferring in the West and other places as well. I won't go too much into detail on this though. I haven't gotten to watch Soul Eater, but when I do I'll keep that in mind.
  2. Ah, I've recently heard of Violet Evergarden! It seems to be highly rated, so I'm eager to check it out based on your description! Orange had a huge impact on the mental health of others, and similarly with Clannad but in other areas of my life. I'm glad you brought that up. :')
  3. Lol, I know right! It is, but at the same time, I doubt it because it goes back to that plot or fan-service stuff. I was watching a video on Youtube about how women are viewed in Japan and it does show in anime. Hopefully, it changes for the better because I'm ready for some dope female fighters! And yeah, that's so true! I forgot about that one. Fan-service kills anime over time. I've seen it with so many that used to be my favorite ruining it in the end. Would you say the same when an author takes a completely different path than where the audience thought they were going? As for
  4. Ayo~ ^-^ I'm interested in what others have to say, but I also want to take these recommendations into consideration because I need to watch outside of my bubble (genre) of anime. What anime would you recommend to someone that knew nothing about anime? What anime/manga would you tell your past self to watch asap (it doesn't have to be a favorite, rather something that impacted you, if that makes any sense)?
  5. Hey guys! I don't know many of you guys, so as an attempt to get to know y'all, what are some anime pet peeves/changes you'd make in a lot of anime? All comments are preferred, no judgments here. I want to note: I respect any and all opinions These are a few pet peeves of mine (I might add on later tbh): 1.) This may be a popular one, but.. anime that doesn't follow the manga. 2.) (personal opinion) Too much "plot" in everything nowadays, and I guess it's for traction? Correct me if I'm wrong. I just don't think it's necessary if it wasn't incorporated initially. Thi
  6. **One Piece (manga, but I still watch the anime b/c the voice actors are great) *The Promised Neverland (watched the anime, then read the manga) - This is in my top favorites hands down. Really, I like psychological horror, and the animation is great imo. Mob Psycho 100 s2 - I cannot stress this enough, but the art/animation is my favorite thing about this anime, lol. I tend to watch things with a great overarching plot with occasional mysteries, though this seems more slice of life to me (like, an anime between other anime) *Dororo - Another one of my top favorites. Having take
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