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    naruto, fairy tail, a certain magical index, black bullet, no game no life, little witch academia, rokka no yuusha, mirai nikki, soul eater, sword art online.
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    Slice of Life
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    natsu, mavis, magilou, lisbeth sao, kirito, accelerator.
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  1. i haven't seen one piece or bleach or dragon ball z or fullmetal alchemist or death note or tokyo ghoul
  2. what are some of your favorite anime openings? mine are fairy tail zero op mirai nikki op kiznaiver op a certain magical index op 1 and 3 food wars op 3 assassination classroom op 3 no game no life english op
  3. a certain scientific accelerator and radiant season2 as well as my hero academia season 4
  4. i watch one anime at a time other then very long anime like naruto shipuden and dragon ball franchise also i watch ongoing anime but i try to keep the ongoing anime i watch not to many to not be confusing.
  5. what ongoing anime have you been watching? for me it's radiant, fairy tail final series, sword art online alicization, a certain magical index season 3, endro, that time i got reincarnated as a slime. i plan to start watching promised neverland and love is war soon as well.
  6. i played don't starve yesterday on my ps vita got don't starve a little while ago really enjoying it it's challenging and fun and actually quite dark and creepy especially when your sanity gets low and you see glowing eyes in the dark and hear creepy whispers.
  7. i will list some good ones radiant a certain magical index fairy tail konosuba when supernatural battles became commonplace black bullet
  8. my unpolular opinions attack on titan sucks goblin slayer is just ok not great thats it no offense to attack on titan fans i just think it gets really dumb after season 1
  9. yes my sister was a weeb before me then her anime suggestions eventually made me like anime also i got 2 of my other friends to become weebs.
  10. best anime couples are yuki and yuno from mirai nikki and hiro and zero two from darling in the franxx.
  11. it's decent i get tired of action and isekai after awhile but this is a good anime.
  12. i would be in a dark fantasy anime and would be op and psycho.
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