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Big Boar

waifus everywhere! the best anime action game on android that doesn't play itself!

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OWUUUUUUUU~~~!! i love gurls!~ check this game, it got score of 4.8/5 on review! its awesome wu~


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    • By EnviousEnvy
      Just curious but what systems do you currently have and which one/s do you seem to play more often than the others or do you play them all equally?
    • By EnviousEnvy
      What game(s) are you currently playing, what system and what are you currently doing in said game(s) (whether it be a main mission/side mission, looking for something, goofing around, etc.)?
      Batman: Arkham Knight (PS4)
      I just started this game late last night and haven't done much as of yet. Was trying to locate all of the missing members of a fire crew but was only lucky enough to find one so as of right now I pretty much gave up on that side mission. So now I'm working on a main mission which is to find where Scarecrow is producing his "new" toxin. 
      Far cry 5 (PS4)
      Sadly I haven't done anything much lately in this game despite playing it off and on. I kind of lost interest in the game right now (whoops).
    • By Izzy
      Hey, Hey! My hubby and I just got a PS4 and I'm looking for people to play Multiplayer games with.
      My PSN name is CeresxFayexPyhro
      I just recently started playing Fortnite and I play Dragon Age Inquisition online as well. Friday I'm getting FFXIV as well. So add me! But let me know if you do. So that way I accept the invite XD
    • By KeyDee
      Hey there whomever you are! I'm KeyDee and I'm a huge gaming addict especially when it comes to RTS (Real-Time Strategy) Games such as Command & Conquer, Age of Empires, Cossacks and some more. Though I'm into those game, I'm really curious to games with exception to those franchise mentioned above.
      So any suggestions?
    • By Big Boar
      hello people! want to share my channel and this scene from Cross Ange. im uploading scene's from Ecchi anime. if you like it please subscribe to Big Boar 
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