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Big Boar

waifus everywhere! the best anime action game on android that doesn't play itself!

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    • By TheComposerGuy
      For anyone interested, I have a discord server here that I want to grow as rapidly as possible! We'll discuss anime, games, and music and enjoy fun gaming nights, streams, and other stuffs together! If that appeals to you, then just click that link and join us as to take over the world have fun together!
    • By CasseyFujiwara
      My most favorite game of all time is easily Assassin's Creed, due to the historical events that is within  the game which are very interesting, and seeing how they meddle with it is kinda fun. 

    • By thecupcakeape
      Just a fun discord with little members, but you and many others can change that. With the members we do have we like to play games, talk, watch anime, and mess around with technology.
      There is a music channel in which users can share their tastes and converse over music, not to mention a lewd section...  
      Warning we goof off a lot do not be alarmed. 
    • By Greeneyes
      So I am wondering:
      1. Do you play games?
      2. What games?
      and what do you use to play them?
      For me I play csgo mainly along this a few sim games and fantasies!
      As for my rig I got my final part for this build! https://pcpartpicker.com/list/7mBkCy
      But I am right now and have been using my laptop with 16g ram, Intel I7, 1050 ti GPU its not the best but it works for what I am currently playing/watching!
    • By efaardvark
      Due to a lack of time I don't play nearly as much as I'd like, but I'm a big fan of video games.  Everything from coin-op arcade games like Space Wars and Gauntlet back in the day to PC games like Doom or Quake to more recent MMORPGs like WoW and Skyrim, I've at least tried most everything - and played some a lot more than I probably should have.  Sandbox/simulation games are what I keep coming back to however.  I've played pretty much every version of Sim<anything> over the years, even SimEarth and SimAnt.  I used to be really into Minecraft back when it was still Mojang/Notch.  These days my current obsession is Kerbal Space Program (with the Kerbal Engineer and kOS mods).  Keeping an eye on No Man's Sky and Space Engineer for the future.
      So what's your favorite and/or current video game?  What sort of games do you like?
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