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Why I've Been Away (And Cats!)

I've been away for quite awhile, mostly because I don't know what to do with the state of my health. I'm used to being chronically ill, but ever since December I've had acute illness after illness, as soon as one leaves I get another. My lungs still have not fully recovered from the bronchitis I developed before Christmas, even. Just this past week I had a stomach virus, and the very day the virus started to improve I came down with a sinus infection which resulted in my face swelling as if a go

Vivi Hyuuga

Vivi Hyuuga

Been Awhile

Hej, allesammans! It's been awhile, I was hoping to be on here more consistently than I have been, but my health has had other ideas. Despite winter being my favorite time of the year my illnesses just aren't handling it well. It didn't help that I got both terrible bronchitis and a cold. My asthma has significantly worsened and I'm spending many nights unable to sleep due to constant wheezing. However, it's given me plenty of anime time, at least! Along with rewatching favorites I also wat

Vivi Hyuuga

Vivi Hyuuga

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