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Exclusive on Potato Patch #4




It's finally 2018! Twelve Months ago it feels like the start of 2017 :P They say we should meet the new year with positive thoughts and positive vibes! :D On my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter my feeds were filled with 2018 New Year Resolutions and I was like "Here we go again!" xD The first day of 2017 didn't really go well for me since my dog died and I've been really depressed ever since. I didn't really picture out any of my dogs dying and this was the first. My mum woke me up on the second day of 2018 and told me the depressing news. She was like, "Dot Died" and I didn't really had the time to refresh my brain and I thought I really accepted it already cause the day before he was already pooping blood and the vets were closed cause it was a national holiday. He was suffering hard and I couldn't do anything and feeling that as an owner is the worst thing ever. I hugged my hotdog pillow once more and stood up. When I saw him lying over his bed with blood and my dad getting ready to put him in this huge black plastic bag and bury him in our yard I started crying and I felt stupid. Really stupid. It was a really dramatic moment for me and it felt a lot more painful than all those breakups. I stayed in bed all day and fell asleep. Funny thing is that I wasn't really ready for the truth cause in the moment I woke up I laughed at the idea and told my mum that I had such a horrible dream. When I was little I hoped my dreams would come true and now I take it back.

Even if my first few days of 2018 didn't go exactly as planned I still hope this year will still be great! I have a lot of things happening this year and I'm hoping for the best especially for that entrance exams that I am hoping to pass! This year might mean me not watching too much animes as before since I am entering college. I still do hope that I get to watch a lot of animes though. I hope your New Year went fine and will be great! Happy New Year Minna-san and no matter what happens Just keep Breathing! ~



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Hey Rye dear, I'm sorry about your beloved dog. I too last year lost two of my dogs from old age sadly. I know the pain of it and know how you feel.. Our first Golden we ever owned had cancer later on in her life, she was 8 yrs old. We had to rush to the vet in the middle of dinner one day since she puked up blood. It was a really hard moment for all of us and we had to put her alseep that day. Tis a sad thing to see our pets sick or just becoming older since we know there time will come just like ours. But I think death is another part of our journey so really it's not the end of our stories. ( In my opinion ) Hang in there the best you can and know one day you will see your dog again. It's a new year yes and hopefully thing's go wonderful  for you this year and remembr to keep like you just said to breath and like Dory just keep swimming. Sending you good and posiive vibes your way Rye dear~ Take care and gave a good rest of the day. < 3 

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@RyePotatoes Im doing really wonderful lately, thank you for asking! :angel: Also yes it has been a bit since we last spoke hope your still doing well Rye dear. Anything else new with you lately? Have a wonderful rest of the day~

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