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Random Potato Talk#4 : Opinions!



It's Christmas again! :D Only 4 more days to go and it's Finally Christmas! :) Christmas has always been a very special occasion/event/ holiday in my country. Aside from it being a religious belief it has also been a part of our culture and family tradition. It's a season where everyone finally goes back to their family after being away for a long time cause of work, education and etc.

I know that everyone doesn't really treasure Christmas nor celebrate it and that is fine. I can totally understand that because everyone have varying opinions and preferences about stuffs and that's what makes us unique in all perspectives. :) What's not fine is stepping unto someone's preference and act very much like a jerk about their point of view. It's Christmas season and I wish to impart this blog as a present to everyone out there that there are things that are best to keep to ourselves. The world won't just revolve around you and your opinions. Your opinions may not even matter to everybody.  This season may not be important to you but it may be important to somebody else and you can't change that. You can't have people morphing their opinions to match yours just because you have your own opinions that contradicts to some people and you think that you are right for the most part. Respecting other people's opinion is easy. If respecting other people's opinion is too hard for you then better yet ignore their opinion and continue on with your life. There are a million stuffs that you can focus on aside from dissing other people's opinion. :D

May you have a Merry Christmas Everyone! 



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<3 Awww Rye dear well said and I agree with your 1000% percent!! I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a good one this year, also please be safe out there as well. I really enjoyed reading this entry as well ALL your entries. Take care dear and sending you good and a lot of positive vibes your way~ 




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Sankyuuu Sleepy Wolfy-san! <3 Merry Christmas to you as well! It makes me happy that you always sends good vibes on our way <3

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3 hours ago, RyePotatoes said:

What does that mean? 

I was trying to say be blessed my dear or friend in Japanese. I guess maybe I didn't do it right.. ^^;; My bad. More or less just said be blessed or be well. 

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