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So about a week ago now I decided it would be a great idea to kick my husband's fan (accidentally if you couldn't guess). I went on with my day like nothing happened with the exception of being a little sore thus I didn't think anything of it. It wasn't until I got home when I noticed just how discolored my toe was that I knew something was seriously wrong; I decided to bend it and the pain just suddenly shot up my toe and foot. I nearly cried from the extreme pain at that moment.

Even though it's been awhile, wearing socks or shoes is still somewhat unbearable, especially when I have to work and every night I take at least 800mg worth of Ibuprofen before bed to take the edge off. It really, really sucks.



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@EnviousEnvy by fan do you mean like a ceiling fan or a person who is fond of your husband?

Lol sorry for the dumb question.

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Dam that looks bad. Once that happend to me when I accidentally kicked the corner of a table. And I cried my eyes out. My toe nail had split and had cad cracks over it. It was bleeding. I can emphasis with your pain. It’s the worst pain ever. 

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