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Getting Sick (I think)



Having diarrhea on my day off is NOT what I call an epic adventure. Honestly, this is why I absolutely hate summer. I'm always sick and I'm constantly dehydrated no matter how much water I drink. This heat and risk of sunburn can kiss my butt. I miss autumn (it is my favorite season) and honestly, I can deal with winter too. 

This summer has been extremely lame anyway. We haven't even had a decent thunderstorm yet and it's already fricking August. I mean, sure we have had some rain and a thunder or two but that's it. It's depressing as hell...


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Well...better to have to go too much than not being able to go at all...  Use the tp with aloe. ;)


It has been thunderstorms nearly every night here. Usually does this every year. I hope you feel better soon!

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@Beocat I feel better and I agree with you there to be honest!

Haven't had any storms here and just a sprinkle of rain. Supposed to get thunderstorms today sometime and I'm hoping so. There hasn't been a decent thunderstorm where I'm from at all this summer which is making this season laaame. Plus we are below average on our rain too. If this storm misses us I won't be surprised if we get listed as drought. 

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@EnviousEnvyI hope you are well now. :)

Its been raining here constantly. Thunderstorms. During day time its ridiculously hot and no matter how much you drink water you are still thirsty..but during night time its thankfully peaceful . I love thundershowers though so its all good but thinking that I will have to deal with the heat again the next morning I am like (¯―¯٥) . XD Anyway.. hope you still have a good summer. ;)


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@Animesta_MidnightLove I'm definitely better now. Think I was just having an off day.

Yeah we have been having storms like crazy now. Major flooding and damages (I'm alright though). 

Some big changes are in store for me starting this weekend. I'm scared yet excited!

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