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    There are sooooo many that comes to my Mind right now.. but to name a few.. I will probably start with Naruto , Attack On Titan , Tokyo Ghoul , Death Note , My Hero Academia , Kuroko No Basket, Haikyu , Wolf Girl Black Prince , Ao Haru Ride , Bokura Ga Ita , Sukitte Inayo , Itazura Na Kiss....well thats a lot..I should stop because I won't be able to stop (^_-)-☆
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  1. I have watched Erased and liked it.. but haven't watched Case Closed..
  2. Slector infected and its second season sounds interesting.. love it when its all about those psychological shit XD . Thanks I dont know how to thank you..all your recommendations seem to have hit every genre I mentioned and I guess I will try out Mardock Scramble first since its a psychological thriller.. and later on Shiki since..its of the horror genre And yes thanks for the trailer..it helped I will be sure to let you know if I have to know something furthur ✌✌ Since I dont have a..how to say.. 'faint heart' I will definitely watch it XD XD. Will binge watch it too cuz sometimes its hard to stop and put down something interesting Heard about Paranoia Agent . Just wasn't sure if I should watch it or not. Now definitely I will thanks Which one do you think is better because I have heard about both of them but cant decide which one should I watch first lol
  3. I was reading Hapira Hajimaru. I read it till chapter 3..but chapter 4 hasn't been translated into English yet and I am like (・へ・) . I am really getting impatient for the translated chapter to come out
  4. @EnviousEnvyI hope you are well now. Its been raining here constantly. Thunderstorms. During day time its ridiculously hot and no matter how much you drink water you are still thirsty..but during night time its thankfully peaceful . I love thundershowers though so its all good but thinking that I will have to deal with the heat again the next morning I am like (¯―¯٥) . XD Anyway.. hope you still have a good summer.
  5. Well..do anyone has any suggestions for a good , interesting thriller/suspence/adventure anime ?? If you do please share because I really want one....its been a while since I have watched something in that genre. ✌✌ ^・^
  6. Kaichou wa maid sama..although I didn't finish it cuz I got bored XD..then Naruto.Then I started watching animes of every genre and now there's no going back XD
  7. Never Been better ^^ Why are you stressed ??
  8. I have watched it till season 2..I am just taking a 'break' before going on with season 3.. I love the anime though 😍
  9. OMG I totally agree..I want to live in the Naruto 'world' as well..well I think the stuff they do are cool and all and I really love the environment they live in. XD
  10. I didn't really give up on that anime..tbh life happened and I found myself deep in school shit up to my neck..and yeah I had to stop. Now that I am free, I am going to go back on watching Naruto. Don't know what might happen but I sure want to finish it . It's that nothing happened till now that would make me give up on that show altogether I hope it stays that way lol.
  11. @pierrem70 Yes you're right, the movie is a little bit different and Isn't that great. Its good to stick with the anime lol. I always wish, if somehow, I could transfer to the Anime world once in a while. XD
  12. @Vivi Hyuuga Naruto Reference ?? That's great. I will make sure to inform you if I enjoyed it or not.
  13. @pierrem70 well hello Pierre (^^)/. Thats's a nice name. Welcome here. You have some good talents.. musician, actor, that's great. I live my life on music and anime XD. Death Note is awesome,isn't it ?(≧▽≦). I know. I am guessing that you saw the movie as well ? "Anime is my escape from reality." I remember finding that quote and its true,is it not ? As for being an Otaku, you have come to the right place. I hope that you enjoy here. Lets be friends
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