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My Anime List Genres

Ryan Dave Jimenez


A lot of people have requested for Anime Gauge to have genre categories. So when they're looking for anime recommendations it would be easier.

The funny thing is that the site used to have genres. But I removed it because no one used it. Now that it's gone people want it back.

But it is a good idea though. As some people have favorite genres or just want to watch a certain type of anime.

So I've started adding genres to the anime in the site. I decided to use My Anime List as it has a big database of anime. But I don't know if they're that reliable? For genres? There are probably better sites out there for that. Just let me know if you know any. Because almost every anime I encounter has a genre of comedy. Even if it's not 100% a comedy. I guess it has a bit of comedy warrants it having a comedy genre?


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Anime-planet hands down wins. MAL does not have some genres like reverse harems and isekai. I find MAL to be pretty useless in most every regard actually.  Anime-planet to me is better for genres but may not have some of the really obscure things, but is something super obscure even going to hsve enough sources to properly rank in s meta-analysis?


I seriously only use MAL on this forum to link to an anime someone is asking about. 

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For obscure shows, it has to have at least 3 review sources for it to be on the website.

But yeah I will give Anime Planet a shot. I can't believe all these shows on MAL tagged as comedy. I mean if someone wants to watch a comedy anime, you would assume that the whole show is funny. And not just from time to time.

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