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I Hate My Anime List

Ryan Dave Jimenez


So my website Anime Gauge uses the MAL API to get pictures of a show. And at first everything is fine. It's working perfectly.

Then one day, maybe 2 out of 100 shows will have a broken image. It seems MAL keeps changing the picture of their anime or the link of the picture.

And today, voila! All of the anime images are broken. Did MAL decide to change all their anime pictures? Or change all the links? I don't even know why they keep changing them.

I know MAL got hacked some time ago so they completely stopped people from using their API.

I guess it's time to find a new API where I can get images for anime. I'm open to suggestions. Please comment below.


I managed to fix the broken images. It seems MAL changed their CDN url. I hope its the last they do that. So for now things are OK again. I'm still open to suggestions though for an API where I can get images of anime shows.

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On 3/30/2019 at 4:11 AM, Seshi said:

Could you download the images & upload them yourself?

I can but at 1,000 images it might not be practical. haha

But thankfully it's been fixed now. The images are back. Thank you for the concern though. 😄

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Yeah, MAL has its share of problems. I've swapped over to anilist, which seems to be fine for me, but I have no idea if it'll be any good for your website.

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