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Sorry it has been awhile work has gotten me so busy.

Anyways wanted to talk about something new I watched recently called Black Fox.

Who doesn't love a badass female woman. It starts off nice and sweet. As the main protagonist Rikka Isurugi is the gra
ndchild of the Isurugi clan of ninja warriors. Her father is scientist who wanted to go a different route from having to kill. She trains with her grandfather but like her father she rather help than hurt. However after growing up and returning to tell them some good news her world is shattered and well she decides to take up the role of avenger. She changes her name and begins her quest and well I leave the rest for you to watch. Can't give it all the way. If you are a sappy person like me make sure you h2fa04a8b8bed198f33e06985636624db1543591215_full.thumb.jpg.d57a98f4d68f553caea699169ae43a8d.jpgave tissue handy there are a few cry moments in there. I give this a thumbs up I hope they make it into a series. Right now there is movie/ova.


P.S. I totally want to cosplay this.


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