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Stay safe

Anime loveer


I think everyone by now had heard of the virus . Staying at home is pretty boring , all i can pretty much do is , be on my computer , watching anime or youtube , reading or drawing . All of times are like eating , sleeping or doing work . It canceled a lot of things , like a trip that was supposed to be today for me . Just saying , everyone , Stay safe , and find something to do ,and very importantly . DON"t be with people who are sick !!

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Depending on where you are, there's still plenty you can do.  Especially to make things seem a lot less restrictive.  Iowa currently has one of the tightest restrictions in the U.S. - it isn't stopping people from going out for walks, jogs, hikes, etc.  Actually, I've been seeing a lot more of that lately.  That was probably the greatest indication to me that things weren't quite as abnormal as I had previously thought.

Interesting times, but they don't have to be as scary as government, news, and other people make you think they are.  Don't even get me started on the people claiming "unprecedented" status.  On a global scale perhaps, but...Western Europe and North America have done this dance before.


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Yeah, I think its a good opportunity to enjoy going outside, walking, hiking, solo activities. Learn a new hobby. 

Try not to let yourself get to down having to do less. It just forces you to look outside the box ;)

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