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I really want to do this art challenge that has been circulating on Instagram. However, my Instagram won't connect to my phone to upload =_= I tried re-dling the app and finally just messaged them. 

Anyways, if anyone wants to suggest characters that would be awesome :)



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33 minutes ago, Wedgy said:

Are you familiar with Dragon Age? If so I would love to see your take on Merrill!

I am not! That being said, I do not mind researching :3 

Thank you! You shall be my first spot :3

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At the moment, I had Seiga Kaku from Touhou Project in my mind.
Her character is quite wicked and narcissist, as she commands a revived undead lass, over, and over, for her business.
However, I admit I really like the style of her fashion, so much as her cleverness

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oh, ive seen this meme going around on tumblr! i kind of want to do this too. im not a serious artist though, so maybe ill do it jokey some day in ms paint.

as for characters, ummm, what about yukine? i bet hed be really fun to draw in his corrupted form, when he has wings and stuff. lots of cool angles to work with

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