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Less Then 40 Days Away



Hi everyone! 

So I have been very inactive on here both on the forum side and updating this blog, with working in Spain for the last 4 months and then my father passing away unexpectedly everything has been very chaotic but the grind to the top of Africa never stopped. 

With our vaccines got last week (Hep B, Diptheria, and Yellow Fever) luckily my Tetanus was still in date! as someone who has very bad anxiety around needles hearing that we will be going through Kenya meant we'd need yellow fever vaccines quiet unfortunate but hey I managed to get through the 3 without fainting (cant say the same thing about straight after 🫢

We've also been slowly getting the gear needed, I might do a post about that at some point. Really breaking through the bank account though.

Anyway as the main focus of this trek as some of you might have known from the last post is raising money for MRF with 100% of the money donated going to them, 

We are currently 855 euro away from the final goal of 5490!!!!!!!

So with a final grind and push (think I've emailed over 100 businesses and not one has responded) LETS HIT THIS GOALLL WOOOOH

(Donation page has been removed since goal has been reached) 

(Any support is very much appreciated, whether its donation or spreading the word! <3) 

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1 hour ago, Digimon_Sommelier said:

I'm happy you're near your target goal, Metro. Needles? I'll pass!! lol But you keep going!!

I've actually just recently hit the full goal, now it's pure focus on more training and packing before leaving in less than two weeks! 

I'll be making another entry before leaving just about training and gear 

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