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Welcome to the club! If you enjoy Metal of all sorts, then this club is for you. Discuss Metal related things or share Metal related things. Have fun, and make friends!
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  2. Oh boy, where do I even begin? There are so many bands out there... These are in no particular order of which is better or anything like that, and I don't really bother with keeping up with subgenre labels anymore, so it's a bit of a jumbled together mashup of different genres: Metallica (although I prefer their older material, pre-Black Album) Megadeth Kreator Sodom Slayer Motorhead Judas Priest Metal Church Quo Vadis Cynic Beyond Creation Rivers of Nihil Septicflesh Godflesh Apocalypse Amon Amarth (probably one of my absolute favorite metal bands of all time) Testament Enslaved Electric Wizard Sleep High on Fire Nevermore Sanctuary The Obsessed St. Vitus Pagan Alter Witchcraft Venom Carcass Hypocrisy Pantera Tyr Celtic Frost Toxic Holocaust Midnight Type O-Negative Candlemass Death Devin Townsend Project Strapping Young Lad Dio Soilwork In Flames King Diamond Mercyful Fate Sabaton Orchid Eluveitie Ensiferum Turisas Finntroll Municipal Waste Iron Reagan Iron Maiden Cattle Decapitation Obituary Cannibal Corpse Suffocation Accept Power Trip Ihsahn Exmortus Dark Tranquility Black Label Society Angel Witch Black Sabbath This is by no means the end all, be all of my list of favorite bands. These are just the ones I could remember off the top of my head (and maybe with a little help from my Spotify list, but we'll just keep that between us ). Regarding Amon Amarth, they are currently on tour in the US right now, and last weekend they played at the Fillmore in Charlotte, NC. That was one hell of a show they put on. The openers for them were really good too. If y'all ever get a chance to go see AA live, do it. You won't regret it. You guys been to any shows recently?
  3. NO SHAME HERE! Ive just listened to so many bands over the past 4 years... If you want a good website dedicated strictly to metal - here! https://www.metal-archives.com/ They have every band, probably known to man on here - only if it's metal though... They have info and stuff for any metal band you look up, and a forum you can visit too! They are more strict on what you do on there though than on here...^^; I've been active on there for 3yrs...lol. You can write reviews on albums, and EPs - ONLY if they are completed Albums though. They have more detail on what you can do when you join... They DO have a general thread for off-topic non-metal discussion, called 'The Tavern' - but if you go outside of the general discussion thread, PLEASE - I recommend you keep the discussions metal based. Enjoy the info, and suggestions and website!!!
  4. You're definitely a metalhead man! You put my list to shame. lol
  5. I have A LOT of favourite bands, mostly Black metal, but, that is my preferred genre - including Death metal. Black & Death metal bands - Death - Mayhem - Slayer - Craft - Urghal - Veil - Bathory - Gorgoroth - Immortal - Venom - Vlad Tepes - Behemoth - Dark Funeral - Darkthrone - Burzum - Emperor - Cannibal Corpse - Morbid Angel - Entombed DSBM bands - Thy Light - Veil - Lifelover - Silencer - Abyssic Hate - Psychonaut 4 - Austere - Nocturnal Depression - Trist - Sorry... - Leviathan - Happy Days - Totalselfhatred - Ghost Bath - Make a Change... Kill Yourself A LOT of these are Black metal, or the sub-genre (DSBM - Depressive Suicidal Black Metal) but as I said - that is my preferred genre of metal. But I did add some Death & Thrash metal into my list.
  6. I was just wondering what everyone's favorite metal bands were. Here's mine: Demon Hunter A Dark Halo Killswitch Engage Lamb of God Bullet For My Valentine Asking Alexandria We Came As Romans Unearth Disturbed Drowning Pool Godsmack Devildriver Hatebreed Mushroomhead A Day to Remember Pierce The Veil Sleeping With Sirens Those are my favorite metal bands. How about you? What bands are your favorite metal bands to listen to?

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