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basically a club where you can talk about what you want about vocaloid and also other software (utau and synth wave for example) or just anything related to this.
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  2. here is a cover I'm really proud about with how it turned out
  3. mhm, I counted but yeah, not every friend is gonna send you 100 little Gakupos, that's for sure
  4. a hundred?!!?! LMAO you have a great friend there
  5. my best friend sent me a card, and in it she said that paper cranes look like Gakupo t-posing. So guess what she did? She made exactly 100 tiny paper cranes and sent them in a envelope I now have 100 tiny Gakupos t-posing lmao I'm not complaining though, this may just be one of the best Christmas present oI have ever received
  6. I started making a new utau cover with renri yamine and I feel like something is off but I don't know what it is. it's a cover of double lariat Double Lariat - Melody.mp3 can anyone help me?
  7. I've been making covers with utau for a long time and I have been wondering if anybody knew how to make one
  8. I just wanted to add that for some reason lol
  9. oh I've never heard about him. Even thought, he seems like a pretty good vocaloid. might make some research.
  10. so, who's your favourite Vocaloid? It can be a pretty hard decision, considering how many amazing Vocaloids there are to choose from I personally like DEX he has a cool design, voice and is pretty clear when singing in English! How could you not love him? (also, can we take a moment to appreciate this amazing fanart ) I also love DAINA, Miku, VY2 'Yuuma' , Kaito, Gakupo and others, but none of them can quite beat DEX for me
  11. that's a pretty good selection of songs Ievan Polkka is a bit nostalgic for me, it was my second Vocaloid song (I believe Miku by Anamanaguchi was my first)
  12. this is probably one of my favorite mmd ever. sad it never has been complete
  13. Rolling girl and bad end night are some of my favourites too! Here are some of my favourites https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/nm6049209 https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm11884641 i know this isn't vocaloid but utau but I still like it I couldn't not post this here https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm1715919 ok i think this is enough lol
  14. I can't add yt videos so I'll just list off some of my favourites • Bad ∞ End ∞ Night by Hitoshizuku and Yama this song deserves WAY more attention than it gets • Rolling Girl by Wowaka a classic • Fade by Circus-P another underrated song, also it has DEX and DAINA so what's not to love? • Honey I'm Home by Ghost And Pals • Finders Keepers by R.I.P Chika is honestly so underrated that's just to name a few
  15. omg I remember some of these also Minnemi is a legend
  16. So, uh, yeah - this is the thread where you can post your favourite songs! Upcoming songs, etc etc... Make sure these songs follow the guidelines! I know some vocaloid songs can get crazy, anyhoo! I'll start. Let's start off with a classic. Another one is 'Puzzle Heart' - by Mr Kitty, featuring Hatsune Miku! It's a mix of electronic synth + vocaloid when it comes to Hatsune's part! It's quite a lovely song, and awesome to listen to. And lastly... !!! Enjoy! Show off your favourite songs!
  17. Some old MMD vocaloid videos, for nostalgia! >:3
  18. :)))!! (Not mine, but something cute and wholesome! :D)
  19. That’s a great idea! I don’t do very much on mine but I have made a few covers. https://m.youtube.com/@oncecloudcake
  20. I thought it would be a good idea to make everyone able to share their account, covers, original song or anything else here so that we can support each others. here is mine:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnh2a-qmKDJ-XAp1YmEBvEw

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