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  1. I dare you to upload most sexy anime pic, you can find:P
  2. Hehehe:P Sorry I couldn't help to be mean. I guess it's my turn again. Truth or Dare?
  3. Sure but I'm not going to go easy on you. Are you straight, Bi or Gay?
  4. Okey no problem. Truth or Dare?
  5. I'm in as well, so ask me or dare me anything^_^
  6. Inuyasha-I was close to drop sInce I believe it was not anime for me, self at I have read manga of it but in the end I didn't drop it and now I'm very happy for that^_^
  7. Yes do that and I hope you get time to watch 07 Ghost soon;

  8. I have not seen 07 Ghost, I have heard about it only a couple of times from people and seeing it on lists. I would like to watch it but there is a lot I am already watching but I will add it to my plan to watch list :).

  9. Of course you can and you already did^_^
  10. I agree it's well worth it to watch Clannad^_^
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