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  1. I'm looking for a mobile app or website that works well. I'v tried a few apps on IOS but they don't meet the same outcome of PC websites. Any ideas of apps or websites that is a good for anime Thanks for any help.
  2. Angel Beats is in my top 3 animes ever too and I get the same feeling after I watch an anime that rips up all kinds of emotions. I really do envy anyone who gets to watch Angel Beats or any other special anime for the first true time because thats when its top peak amazing. If you're kind of new to the anime scene the you're going to have to get used to this feeling because oH Boy does it get me often, keep watching and hunting for new shows to watch. Not only can you watch or read anime you can go on a hunt of your own to fill that "void" (as i like to call it) of a feeling after you just got done with a great. I'll search for hours trying to feel said void, its like a drug almost.
  3. Hope you like them, Sekirei is one of my favorite anime and I even got the Blue Ray box set of the anime.
  4. Well if you dont like Fate then you might like these anime, "Mirai Nikki" ; "Busou Renkin" and also the anime I said before above " Kuromukuro". or if you're into a little bit more of a comedy you could check our "Sekirei" although that series was never finish, but still a great show.
  5. That sounds a lot like ( Kuromukuro ) I loved that anime!
  6. Check out the Fate series, i like the Fate/Stay Night season the most. The fighting in the anime is amazing and so worth a watch.
  7. Might of already seen it but One Punch man is pretty darn funny on the grounds that hes just so strong, but also I liked Blood Lads humor and Hataraku Maou-sama! (Devil Part Timer) just to name a quick few. oh and you cant go wrong with Highschool DXD, its pervy though but stupid funny.
  8. I need some help finding another anime to watch, The MC is transported to another world, or even where a future solider is transported back in time/ another world. Please no animes where the MC is a creep towards females or at least not a massive creep like Highschool DXD. Most animes like SAO and .hack I have already seen and others around that area of video game types too. Thanks
  9. Hands down this would have to go to "Angel Beats", the ending is so emotional and always brings tears to any first time watcher, the end has you grasping for just 2 more minutes to see if its really her!
  10. Rode my motorcycle from FW TX all the way to PCola FL to visit family. Was fun but Im happy to be back home, time to catch up on my Anime.

  11. I have been watching most of my anime on "Kiss Anime" with the google chrome Essentials extension. I used to sub/watch on Funimation but had to many headaches with that site.
  12. The closest anime I have found that is even somewhat "scary" would have to be Berserk, but even that is more on the Gore side.
  13. So many greats out there, from Dragon Ball to Berserk and so many more, but I think my all time best would have to be "Angel Beats" that anime is such a great story with the only ending to really made me tear up. The story grabs you and throws you into a world with amazing characters, you can do nothing but love the JouRney.
  14. Are you the hero we all need? Maybe you have an idea about an anime that has the MC as a lone wolf type that fights alone but is very strong, kind of like Bleach. Maybe some kind of love story and a small group of friends he defends. I have seen animes like "One Punch Man"; "Berserk" and "Naruto" already, and looking for something else to grab my attention. I have also seen a great number of animes and it seems to be getting harder to find great shows that I have not already seen. Thanks for any help
  15. I have already seen it and cant wait for season 2... *tears

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