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  1. Yeah, it's nice to have people you can relate to in that way. I like playing games, too, honestly. Just curious, what kind do you like? I like retro stuff, like 90s and 80s.
  2. I'm autistic. As far as coping goes, I second what @Neb and @Deeath said. Knowing other autistic people definitely helps. My best friend is also autistic and I'm so grateful to have her. And focusing on things that you enjoy and help you relax is important.
  3. You named a lot of good ones lol. Shadow Man, Gemini Man, Crash Man and Quick Man are some of my personal favorites too. I think, to a lot of people, the robot masters were definitely the main appeal of the original Mega Man games rather than Mega Man himself. It was always exciting to see what new bosses they would come up with. I really like Fuse Man from 11, Knight Man from 6, and Metal Man from 2, to name a few others. Mostly for their designs and powers.
  4. Hey there, and thanks for the suggestions. Will definitely check those out. I see Azumanga Daioh in your favorites. I liked that one a lot too. I did think Inuyasha looked cool.
  5. Thank you, and I will.
  6. Hi everyone! So just to let you know a little about me, I'm 21 years old and from the USA. As far as anime goes, my favorites are definitely Dragon Ball and Slayers. I've watched a few others but I'm kinda new to anime actually, so feel free to share any good recommendations if you have them. Just looking to have a good time and meet some cool people here.
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