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  1. omg no Lol I have yet to attempt writing. I think I will leave that until I take actual classes where I'd have someone to teach me.
  2. I"m currently learning Chinese (Cantonese) and unlike English which is an alphabet, Cantonese is a Logography. Basically this means there is a different character for every word or phrase. So instead of having to memorize 27 letters (English) I have to memorize more than 2000 characters... ha haha hahaha hahahahahaAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH send help.
  3. Serial Experiments Lain Episode Layer 01 Weird "And you don't seem to UNDERSTAAAAAAND!!!!!!" *cough cough* sorry. So this is my third viewing of Serial Experiments Lain and since I'm gonna be completely unemployed for the next two weeks I figured 'Hey what better way to spend my time then writing an episodic analysis on one of the most mind-fucky shows out there!' (yay) I almost made this blog entry about how terrible Fate Apocrypha is but given that I was complaining in my last entry, I've decided to change the mood a little. (Fate Apocrypha can wait) oh and uh here's a q
  4. So what does everyone think of the whole... sex thing. Like getting into these machines is clearly a metaphor for sex. So... idk I kinda wanna' get an idea of what the general community think of this. Personally I'm not really offended by it or anything, don't get me wrong it's fucking weird but i think at this point we all expect this kinda' stuff from Japan. I think most ppl (myself included) laughed when we saw those butt handles but surprisingly it hasn't really broken my suspension of disbelief. The show seems to do a great job at making this concept feel a lot less ridiculou
  5. SPACE DANDY EPISODE 5 This is not a review. It looks like one I know, but it's not. So If you've seen Space Dandy you will probably remember the episode where Dandy's ship is fined for a parking ticket. As a result he has to find other means to register a little alien kid to pay for his ticket. This little alien kid(see below) This Is Adelie <<<<<<<<<<<< So Dandy ends up in a sort of fatherly role for this young girl since she's all alone.
  6. yeah I thought that too but I'm pretty sure its not since the MC is a girl. Sorry Chaos Ill ask around and see if any of my friends know it.
  7. SeaOfRed

    Music, Part One.

    Interesting it's nice to hear that someone else listens to music as much as I do, or rather as much as I used to. I've realized something recently ironically a song gave me this idea. It was a song about sacrificing things you like so you can do things you love. Or at least that's what I took from it. But it's ironic because I realized I had to listen to music less if I ever want to achieve my dreams. Music for me is like an addiction and I've become very unproductive as a result of it. Instead of spacing out and listening to music I should be working on my art so I can become an animator.
  8. 1. The fate stay night series is based on a visual-novel series so there are 3 different routes. But I think regardless of which route you choose Fate Zero comes first because its a prequel. Then there is the unlimited blade works(UBW) route of which there are two seasons. 2014 - 2015 25 eps in total. Then heavens feel route which a movie is coming out. There will be 3 movies eventually And finally I believe the original fate TV series is the first route. 2006 25 eps and a couple OVAs from 2010 if your interested. But yeah it doesn't matter which of these routes you choose
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