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  1. @FriendlyP I'd recommend A Certain Scientific Railgun if you want yuri, and Toradora if you want shoujo manga.
  2. Cool! I just LOVE romance, though it it highly unlikely for an eleven year old like me to watch romance. I've got asthma, which just makes me want to strangle others when they (used to) snicker behind my back. I'm allergic to beef and prawns, but I just CAN'T resist them! I...er...fall in love with anime characters and...erm...FANTASIZE ABOUT THEM. I'm really short-tempered, but my cheeriness and friendliness masks it very well. *evil laughter*
  3. I've got to say Code Geass. I've decided to explore anime other than romance because of it. Oh, and Assassination Classroom, Future Diary and Hell Girl too. And a lot others whose names I forgot.
  4. Konichiwa! I'm PotatoNoob2006 and, like my username, I really am a noob. I started watching anime since early 2016, and the first anime I watched, knowing it was an anime, was Death Note. I grew a fondness for them after seeing the art style. My favorite genres are romance (don't judge me! I know that I'm too young for watching romance!), horror and comedy. My tastes differ from time to time, though. One second I babble on and on about how good fantasy anime are and the next second I roll my eyes and ignore them. Anyway, I hope to be welcomed into this community. Please take care of me!
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