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  1. @FriendlyP I'd recommend A Certain Scientific Railgun if you want yuri, and Toradora if you want shoujo manga.
  2. Cool! I just LOVE romance, though it it highly unlikely for an eleven year old like me to watch romance. I've got asthma, which just makes me want to strangle others when they (used to) snicker behind my back. I'm allergic to beef and prawns, but I just CAN'T resist them! I...er...fall in love with anime characters and...erm...FANTASIZE ABOUT THEM. I'm really short-tempered, but my cheeriness and friendliness masks it very well. *evil laughter*
  3. I've got to say Code Geass. I've decided to explore anime other than romance because of it. Oh, and Assassination Classroom, Future Diary and Hell Girl too. And a lot others whose names I forgot.
  4. Hey there, I'm Potato2006/Noob2006. I don't really know from what time I started writing stories. All I remember is that ever since I was four years old, I would read and write stories. I wrote stories about fairies or princesses from the age of four to eight. I started writing SECRET romance stories (my parents would KILL me if they saw my stories) ever since I was nine. I've been writing romance fanfictions from the age of nine too, but I never posted them online. My favorite writing genre is, you guessed it, romance. I have never published a real story, since I never finish writing a book. Like I said (or typed) earlier, I love producing romance short stories and scripts. I have tried writing songs back when I was six, and made two of them. I wrote the lyrics and composed the tune. One of them went something like this: Sometimes I wonder, how it feels to be like other girls, Live in a simple life like other girls, And jump really hi-igh like other girls. Feel free to laugh. The other one just repeated the phrase "Which dress, should I wear (wear)? I mostly start with a sentence that sounds good. For example: "I looked at the night sky.". Then I proceed to add some adjectives that make it sound good. For example: "Billions of stars glittered and twinkled.". I also add a bit of the main idea of the story in the beginning so that the reader can get interested in the story. For example: "It seemed so majestic and breathtaking, but to me it seemed like a bomb ticking away, leaving less and less time to live.". I dunno what else to say (or type). The stories just come to me. When I sit down to write, they just come to me like BOOM! START WRITING RIGHT NOW! In order to relax in-between writing I mostly just get up and beg mom to give me a cup of tea (I'm not allowed in the kitchen or make something even though I can cook very well.) with some chocolate. It helps my mind to relax. I enjoy drinking the Earl Grey flavor and the bitter green tea. For some reason it calms my nerves and helps me get more ideas. And helps me poop a lot. Just kidding! I hope to improve in the "patience" area. I don't have much patience, and for this reason I cannot make a book longer than four thousand, seven hundred and nine words. If I want to paste my own work here, I'm going to need to prop open my laptop, copy it into my pen-drive and then paste it here. Too much work, and besides I have other work to do. Gomen!

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