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  1. Oh! I've seen the anime before actually but I had no idea that there was a manga as well. That really does seem super interesting so thank you for the idea
  2. Wow! You play so beautifully... I'd love to hear you play Toradora's "Lost My Pieces" or Koe no Katachi's "Lit". They're beautiful songs and very heartwarming
  3. I'm rereading a few like Immortal Rain and Tsuki no Shippo~
  4. Does anyone have suggestions for manga and anime that my best friend (Jesse) and I could read/watch and review? We've just started up a small blog and would love to expand it with your help!Here's the link if you're interested: diamondsintherough805405419.wordpress.com We've already reviewed: Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan and Immortal Rain so please read these too. They're amazing!

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