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  1. i totally love it and just starting season 2 of it now ! super pumped to get all caught up and then have season 4 ! ive recently discovered this genre cuz ive only stuck to certain genres for sometime im really loving harem ecchi type animes now im on a binge craze! could u recommend any good ecchi animes with harem romance in them?
  2. just wondering what peoples thoughts on this anime were and if i should commit to it?
  3. im super curious to hear what some of your most anticipated animes to come next anime season! theres so many good ones coming im curious to hear which ones are the most popular ?:)
  4. So im new to the forum site and im super obsessed with everything yuri/shoujoAi, and was wondering what some peoples favorite yuri anime and why ? NOT HENTAI ! just cute anime with girl love
  5. Im currently readin Bloom Into You a Yuri Romance Manga
  6. Today im watching Maria Holic and im almost done im on episode 9 so im gunna wrap that up tonight but i guess theres a season 2.. Maria Holic Alive I think.. last night I binged Kampfer and I fucking loved it! ive been super into Shoujo Ai/Yuri animes mostly romance but lately ive been super getting into harem and ecchi it sucks though cause I feel like ive watched all the good Shoujo Ai animes.. and I need more! ugh anyway for more mainstream animes im watching full metal alchemist and hunter x hunter I really like hunter x hunter it has the nostalgia of when I was younger watching dragon ball original I totally stopped watching dragon ball super cause it just went to shit its complete trash now its actually pretty sad.. Idk maybe ill give it another try but id say my two favorite genres are Shoujo Ai romance , and action, Harem ,Ecchi anything lgbt theme like crossdressing is super cute This is on my watchlist ! and im super excited to start it How is it???
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