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  1. IAmAVillageFreak

    Tokyo Ghoul:re - Episode Discussion

    I've never actually watched Tokyo ghoul but ive seen it everywhere. do guys recommend it?
  2. IAmAVillageFreak

    Netflix Anime Wave

    Earlier I did a rating on netflixs sword Gai anime now im doing one on all netflix animes in general. how do you guys think their doing. I would rate them a 6/10. i just think some of the animes they make arent worth making and are pointless to watch. another thing that annoys me is that 75% of the animes they make are about armored robots and dont get me wrong i love robots but i feel like they need more content. the reason do enjoy there animes is because once in a while they come out with good ass ones like Castlevania and The seven Deadly sins.
  3. IAmAVillageFreak

    Sword Gai Rating

    I finished watching the new sword gai on netflix and honestly would rate it a 7/10. It has an interesting enough story and action to keep viewers entertained but i just didnt like how serious it was and the robot animations looked weak to me. What are your guys thoughts?
  4. IAmAVillageFreak

    How much time of ur day or week or month u spend watching anime?

    probably around 8-10 hours a week
  5. IAmAVillageFreak

    What's Your Top 10 Anime!

    1.Naruto Shipudden 2.Dragonball z 3.One punch man 4.Attack on Titan 5.Fairy Tail 6.Seven Deadly Sins 7.Highschool of the Dead 8.Deathnote 9.Sword art Online 10.Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood These animes are lit AF
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