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  1. I'm from Russia, currently live in Saint-Petersburg.
  2. In my childhood in Russia was popular Pokemon and Sailor Moon. When I was in middle school, Shaman King and Naruto grew in popularity as a result of a streaming on federal channel (if I remember correctly). We had Pokemon chips (we called them "caps") like this. And we were playing caps, it was like gambling - winner was getting loser's chips. Some kids used to have very impressive collections of this stuff (I wasn't one of them, lol).
  3. Tennis no Oujisama - great sports anime Code Geass and Gundam 00 - from mecha genre Lucky Star and Gintama as awesome parodies One Piece from shoenen genre and on top of all my favourite titles - NGE. I can rewatch it at any time and may never be bored
  4. Lucky Star, Gintama op 5, Soul eater op 1 (just can't skip it!), Bleach op 2, NGE
  5. I have manga at my parents place. And one T-shirt with anime print on it at mine. But in the past I've had many stuff: badges, posters, stickers, DVDs (with Russian voiceover, boy, it was so bad!), cosplay wigs, etc. Don't even now where all of those stuff now, really.
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