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  1. So out of my predictions, the war did begin. And on christmas eve nontheless. We see more of the higher ups, but the two main ones fight like expected. slates were not discussed about except for the reason for stealing them by the green king. Kuroh does begin to show more of an advancement now that Shiro is here. of course (as expected) no new info on neko nothing really shows about the blue kings condition, except that he may be planning something I really do enjoy that we are finally beginning to see the green king show more of his side as well as showing us the effects that the coffee table group. I hope we get to see more of Kuroh's fighting style now that Shiro is back as well as how drastic the green king wants those slates. So, taking all this into effect as well as the preview... Prediction for next ep: We get to see Anna fight! Green king becomes desperate (for only being limited to how much he can use his powers) Shiro fight? Blue king fight?? Kuroh fights Yukari? Green king destroying both red and blue team members.
  2. Going over what i predicted last week We did learn a bit more about the relationship between the silver and green king. We see that Shiro did want what the green king is about to do in the past. the hostility was a lie i guess but we see the blue king getting more aggressive on taking over the slates unity is working better than expected They mention Kuroh's sword play against the blue king, but thats about it Winner. No new info on neko. ^I agree with Yuuki. Maybe they'll introduce more of the backstory and info on neko in the later to last episodes Decide to go to war. Winner at the very end. Prediction for next ep. War begins we see green kings higher ups silver king comfronts blue about slates Kuroh gets his swords play tested no new info on neko red king sees something drastic about blue king condition things turn into chaos Prediction for Blue king (throughout) He gets the power to his head He does become exhausted from controlling slates Dies from exhaustion/Green king/ Silver king/Kuroh
  3. So far I think this was a mellow approach to the episode. I think we could of seen a little more hostility and friction between Blue and Silver king when discussing the Slates. The coffee table meeting actually went easier than expected. There looks to be history between Silver and Green king, maybe we'll learn more about that. So far my prediction was off slightly. Prediction for next ep: We learn about the history about Silver and Green king. Hostility build up more with Silver and Blue kind over Slates. The unity works surprisingly better that anticipated. Kuroh works on his swordmanship. No new info on Neko. They decide to go to war.
  4. My thoughts exaclty! He finally arrives and with his sword of damocles out. The conference will be interesting on how the bond will be made. Also, does Shiro know about the Blue's sqord being cracked. We finally get to understand who Neko really is?! Hell yeah! My prediction for next ep. The unity of the three will happen but under strict condition, probably Blue side being stubbonr (cant say much about red) We wont learn much about Neko. More fight with green clan? Understand green clan more?
  5. haha yeah i agree. Their interaction was quite humorous especially the reaction. Then there is also the inteaction with Neko and the red clan. It did look like Shiro was coming back at the end of the 1st but i hope he returns this coming week
  6. The way the first episode is makes it seem pretty lax. I can't wait til the second episode where everything begins to pick up, especially on how the 1st ep ended. I do enjoy how the animation style of fights and travel cover every angle. making it a bit more appealing to my eye.
  7. i'm planner. I watch animes as the episodes come out. so while i have to wait a week for another episode, of the next day for the other animes im watching, i watch a completed series that way i can have my daily hours doses of anime
  8. there have been rumors and tons of support on people wanting a s2 but so far there is no confirmation on the subject
  9. well jibril may not get enough screen time, but the amount of details they out into her personality and the way that that specific species thirst for knowledge. cause the thirst of knowledge is real!
  10. The first part of the season was really good into developing who he is and how he works. Also gives us an insight on the people around hima dn the type of society he is in. Now the second part, i think, gives us more of a background character development of Kagami. It'll be interesting how they end the season. And I also have to pick up the manga when i have time
  11. No i havent actually. haha thanks. ill be sure to add it to my list of animes to watch
  12. Thanks for the welcomes. slice of life tends to be the one i enjoy watching the most. so thats my fav. but i would watch eberything
  13. I can confer, this show is pretty amazing. The show features lots of comedy, drama, and some suspense. This show is a very very very very very recommended show to watch. There needs to be a 2nd season!
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