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  1. I personally do not really have a preference. I can't afford a subscription to a paid anime website so I just watch whatever is available and whatever I click on first. Also sometimes if I am lazy and don't want to read I will just watch a dub.
  2. A Silent Voice was wayyyyy better than kimi no na wa
  3. So I watched the whole thing and I didnt love it because they seemed to be trying to juggle so many storylines at once but it was still good. I had watched starting days before hand and so the characters made sense and it was neat to see them grown up but the ending was abrupt and kinda cliffhangery which wasn't my favorite thing. Also I would have liked seeing Rin as well as Rei and Nagisa before but I may just be nitpicky.
  4. Currently watching Violet Evergarden and Your Lie in April. Not in any rush though.
  5. So about a year ago I watched a short anime on youtube. (may have been a movie or maybe just a show with short episodes. I think it was a romance and school anime. The main thing I remember was the protagonist had their hair in a single high bun (her hair was brown) and she wore red sweatpants under her skirt of her school uniform. Does anyone know what this is from? I've been looking since I watched it.

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