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  1. Hi hi how are you. I have to ask is your username from the Persona series, or dose it come from something else.

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    2. Persona


      I enjoy playing roleplaying games from video games to posting. I am a rper. Well, formerly. I use to be in a very old anime forum called: Otakuboards. They don't exist anymore (I know they moved, but then they moved a third time). I started my rp days there and use to write my own and have users join. Fun times. I also use to write fanfiction and poetry. The writing was huge in my life. Nowadays, I still do little rps here and there. 

    3. ArchieKun


      Ya I know you mentioned in your intro that you have a son. I am sure he keeps you pretty grounded, and busy.

      I love rp, and I do also write fanfiction as well as original fiction. I love sc-fi/fantasy stuff as well as some western cartoon series, but mainly the superhero stuff along with things like Avatar Last Air Bender, and Kora. I am also like non fiction series in the form of some reality tv, but most of my non fiction taste is documentaries mostly history and science. I am a all around geek through, and through.

    4. Persona


      I loved Avatar and even Korra. I never finished the Korra series. I am ashamed! But that’s pretty cool. I often leaned towards fantasy and powers. I had a good rp going on for about a year that dealt with elemtental powers and outer space. I hope some day I get to read your amazing writings! 

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