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  1. 4 minutes ago, Endynyp said:

    @Nova I missed you too! :D

    @The History Kid Good job!!! Also, did I miss the results of 'the acquisition'? Did you get 'the stuff'?

    As for me, I am working on an addenda to my fieldwork proposal. So much wooorrrk! But at least I get to do what I want so I shouldn't be such a whiner. ;)

    Plus got my haircut just now even if my day was ruined👻

  2. 7 minutes ago, ArchieKun said:

    Work is good so is staying busy keeps the mind challenged as they say.

    Yah seems to be that way nothing wrong with that. Just I haven't been to active past 2 months so since things are more settled with summer ending thought I'd check in.

    Though getting a haircut for later must maintain my handsome boyish look😂

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