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  1. Mysteria

    Horror anime

    Correct elfen lied and her powers wow it was crazy so it counted big time Good choice that one beautifully wicked.
  2. Me too, though I wish the distillers would go on tour again but brody has problems with her band mates. Yea I agree, especially with this new crowd. Awesome band loved the song rocking the casbar and I fought the law, for vicesquad stand strong stand proud.
  3. Hey gurl^.^ how are you?

  4. That's true, but at least we have the music of the misfits and that counts Now that takes me back
  5. Mysteria

    Horror anime

    Yes I agree the one you mentioned evangelion is great and oh yes scary in most parts but I enjoyed it also vampire hunter d the movie was terrific and the series they had no too bad; you have good taste in horror anime and thank you for bringing those up. High school of the dead is worthy of mention, the story line is intense and the characters are very interesting. No worries it's an anime so it defiantly counts.
  6. Thanks ; ) and thank you Claire or lightning.
  7. Hey Claire how are you?

    1. XIII


      I'm doing well ahse, how are you?

  8. Oh my gawd I love those artist, wonderful to hear you like them too. They do
  9. Hi, I can tolerate a lot but not overly creepy you know; awesome you have my taste in gaming
  10. Thank you vash :)

    1. Vash


      You're welcome ashe good to see someone who like the final fantasy


    2. Mysteria


      Aw thanks, yes I love the series but not all of there games hehe

    3. Vash


      Oh I know the latest one wasn't quite to fitting

  11. lol it's not don't worry yes it's like a miniature motorcycle, thank you if you ever wish to talk please drop on by Thank you so much^-^ Hehe oh yea don't forget sometimes you travel to the past. Thank you for the warm greetings, I will defiantly and don't forget to drop by if you wish to chat with me also; my door is open.
  12. I know right you just look for items and open doors find other stuff it's odd but a good puzzle game
  13. Hi it's nice to meet you, and have a good time also happy holidays.
  14. Mysteria

    Horror anime

    Oh yes love that one black butler is a good one too, and paranoia agent
  15. Silent hill ooo I love that game though some levels were hard for me, aw a few re games I had major troubles with had to get my friend to tell me how to beat it.
  16. Thanks dear^.^ Me too lol, my personal favorite game is resident evil also parasite eve; for me horror movies will do that. oh god I like jogging I also yoga and cardio for sure thank you I hope I meet nice friends and get some her as well :))
  17. HI i'm roxy and I do enjoy anime's but like horror and and action with a good story plot, i'm in my mid 20's I also have a mopad and I watch movies and exercising. please follow me if you wish I don't mind company but if you enjoy a conversation i'm happy to engage.
  18. Mysteria

    Horror anime

    I did see season 3 and yes it's terrible, only one and two are good.
  19. Mysteria

    Horror anime

    Hell girl excellent and shiki my personal fav^_^
  20. I agree their album with the song "press corpse" I didn't like too much.
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