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  1. Bedtime for me guys, I'll pop back in some time tomorrow!UglyWhichCuttlefish-small.gif

    1. efaardvark


      HA!  That is so me, about 30 years ago.   I used to have an actual walkman™️ cassette player and a pair of headphones that I'd fall asleep with while listening to tunes I'd recorded off the radio.  :)  Kind of a habit I got into when I started doing shift work so I could shut out the day noises and get some sleep when working nights.

      What's that picture from?  If it is an anime I don't recognize it.

    2. rlly_riah


      Lol I used to record stuff from the radio tooooo. Those were the days. Tho now it's nice to not have to stop and rewind or flip the tape =P I am not sure what the anime is actually; she just looked so cute and funny passed out like that. *shrugs*

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