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  1. f9901bace68dfe2a29e04078d7bfb6f6.jpg

    Happy Valentine's Day!!! <3!

  2. Same for me, except if it's the peanut butter ones cuz I loooove those. All of it is good then.
  3. Meh, I am one of the 3 rotating cooks at our hospital here, and sometimes the baker! I love it! Also I used to be a "juiceologist", but it didn't pay me very much to live on my own, sadly. =( It was interesting though!
  4. Pretty sure it was Fruits Basket for me lol... and Peach Girl hahaha!
  5. I think a lot of places do dinner or drink specials for "couples" on Valentine's Day too, or even all week. But that's really nice, just getting to go do anything together really. People gotta work on spending more together time cuz dat is the best time Your bed will even let you cry on it. #beds-are-best
  6. LOL I do the same thing sometimes after working my shifts! By the time I get home after working double shifts I am on auto pilot and auto pilot riah is weirder than regular riah. =P Also you guys seem so organized, what with your pie charts and all that. I have no rhyme or reason to my schedule aside from when to be at work and then who ever knows! *is jealous of the pie charts*
  7. LMAO I love the pie chart! That's gold. GOLLLD. I'm just dying over here. At first I thought you were kidding about the chart, but you were not. lollll. *applauds* Feb. the 14th, I will be working. I will prolly confess to nobody. I miiiight look for cute memes and such to send out to random peeps. If i feel like it I might take myself out to dinner. But it's really just another day for me...
  8. I usually just listen to music stuff there buuuuuut as for humor I love this group that does like... these "what if" survival bits that they animate and they are cute and funny. They even have a series of surviving an RPG game.... anyhoooooz DanPlan is the guy, plus his buddies. Good stuffffffff. The animations always make me laugh.
  9. Bedtime for me guys, I'll pop back in some time tomorrow!UglyWhichCuttlefish-small.gif

    1. efaardvark


      HA!  That is so me, about 30 years ago.   I used to have an actual walkman™️ cassette player and a pair of headphones that I'd fall asleep with while listening to tunes I'd recorded off the radio.  :)  Kind of a habit I got into when I started doing shift work so I could shut out the day noises and get some sleep when working nights.

      What's that picture from?  If it is an anime I don't recognize it.

    2. rlly_riah


      Lol I used to record stuff from the radio tooooo. Those were the days. Tho now it's nice to not have to stop and rewind or flip the tape =P I am not sure what the anime is actually; she just looked so cute and funny passed out like that. *shrugs*

  10. Omg I don't know... I want them both to win lol. Hmm... I feel like Kirito could only win if he could possibly end the battle super quick. I feel like Sesshomaru has most of the advantage because he would have more battle tactic experience and plus his crazy powers... But if Kirito has the speed for a quick enough attack... maybe take Sesshomaru by surprise.

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