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    None at the moment, were in the past, which was the anime "A Wind Named Amnesia." Come back again to see this again because it will change depending what anime I'll watch. :O


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  1. I used to use Mozilla Firefox but now no longer and now it's back to Google Chrome for better view. :-| ...
  2. I smiled today because I finally was able to watch anime. :-)
  3. I'm Currently Watching Ah! My Goddess/UFO Ultra Maiden Valkyrie At the Moment. Both good anime(s) especially the second one yet twisted.

  4. 1. TomoyaXNagisa (Clannad) 2. KaoruXAoi (Ai Aoi Aoshi) Those the only ones I know. I love them both dearly. I will watch others. :-)
  5. I know this isn't my best work and I think that people that told me on my last stories, I did good or they're just being polite and plus I do better in script. So I'm not gonna continue on this. It feels... Out of wack. :-S But I do appreciate constructive criticism. Thank you Yuuki. :-)
  6. I have to say Clannad and The Garden of Words only because I only know about them. 1, because Clannad feels like spring and the cherry blossoms look nice on the walkway where the main characters met and 2, same goes for The Garden of Words (the rainy seasons) main characters along with the story but then again I prefer the animations over the real life places (some) only because it's more nicer. ^^;
  7. Well I am a fan of anime but this isn't related to anime but in a way a little with some Japanese touch but not quite. ^^; It's just I tend to get inspired by anime and Japanese culture and write stories about them. So I hope I put this in the right place? ; Title Name: There's No Such Thing As True Happiness Chapter 1 (I'll Continue More If You Like It) Rating: Family Summary: About a young woman and her life struggles yet a blessed one. Comments are appreciated. :-)
  8. I used to use Photobucket and Imageshack but now I use Postimage for images I only use for a special purpose. :-O
  9. [FLOAT_RIGHT] [/FLOAT_RIGHT] I saw this a while back and I thought it was good. I'm sure there's a manga to this and continues from it or from the movie. Not sure. Anyone seen this classic?
  10. Hello Everyone! ^.^

    1. drill


      Hello @[705:Sanchanyo]! :) How are you doing?

    2. Sanchanyo


      I'm good, thanks. :-) You? ^.^

    3. drill


      I'm doing pretty good as well, thanks for asking. :)

  11. @ Yuuki: Aww, I'm sorry :C . But I'm glad you take it in a positive matter in some aspect. I know I do in a way. :-) -highfives for romance anime- :-D @Ryuji: No that's okay. I have something else in mind. ^^; I tried that with other people and I end up not watching except in the beginning once when I was getting into anime again since Digimon and other anime since the late 90's early 00's but that was once and it Clannad. I really love your enthusiasm for anime though, I really admire that, I wish I could be that a little more. ^^; Think of me as a casual anime fan. :-) I say this t
  12. Welcome Anime Forums.net. I hope you enjoy your stay. ^.^
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