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  1. Glad you like it, Good luck for your cosplay hope you'll find cons that do that.
  2. I mean 1 vs 1 type of performance, I really like China's performance on the 2017 World cosplay summit tho you should check it out.
  3. How about cosplay skit like 1v1? Like how what they do on World cosplay summit, me actually im planning to do the same thing with my girl in the upcoming events here.
  4. Hello guys I need help, I wanted to engrave Arai Shakku's poem that is written in Kenshin's Sakabato/Reverse blade sword for my Rorouni Kenshin Cosplay I know it's not really that necessary detail for cosplay but I just wanted to do it. My problem is that I can't write nor understand japanese characters and I can't engrave it without making sure that is accurate, im planning to print it, scale then stick it into my sword so I could trace it, anyone who have good heart to help and type this for me so I could print it. Thanks in advance and sorry for the trouble. My prop sword's tang. My blade The engravings http://imgur.com/zwzJPw2
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