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  1. -Gaara, Zabuza, and Orochimaru from Naruto. Gaara is really relateable. The anime clearly shows why he became the way he is. Haven't watched Naruto Shippuden, though. Zabuza, while liking to kill, shows a soft spot for Haku before dying. Orochimaru is just plain evil and that's good. He provides the protagonists a drive.
  2. This one sounds really interesting! Reminded me a bit of The Giver, also a good book. I read The Dark Tower series and The Da Vinci Code too. The Dark Tower books were well written, though I was left unsatisfied with the last three. Still great though. Really enjoyed the characters and their quest. And I read The Da Vinci Code with my family and we were hooked. Very intriguing. A friend told me about these books. They sound very cute and I love dragons, so I think I'd like them. I haven't actively gone looking for these books, though. My own favorites are the Harry Potter series (JK Rowling), The Chronicles of Narnia (CS Lewis) and The Host (Stephenie Meyer).
  3. I think one that annoys me is "woke" as in "everyone is so woke nowadays!" But really what annoys me more than the word itself is the pompous dismissive way some people I know use it.

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