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  1. Quick eat the sweets before Wicked wakes up!!!
  2. @Kohloo You're a monster!!!!! @Lelouch Thank you! This is wonderful!
  3. Welcome back to the chat.... We're talking about C.....A.....K.....E *shhh* hahahaha *passes out pasta and slices of the C word*
  4. So now what do I do with this pasta salad?
  5. Muahahaha!!! I can't believe I missed this! Hello!!!!
  6. Not as good as the c word, but I'll take it! Me too!!!!
  7. Awwww.... You're my one of many... Isn't that just as good? Nice. I love that game. I still need to play 3. I'm not very good at Discord. It requires attention. I have very little focused attention to give.
  8. Yes. Awww! @brycec Where are you? I miss having the good version of you around. Though you're awesome too @The History Kid Everyone can use a little evil incarnate in their lives
  9. Oh hello everyone! Long time no see!!!! @Seshi I imagine ti would be, but I'm sure that I can't cross stitch without bleeding all over the pattern. Satan's cross-stitching.
  10. I'm cross-stitching that on a pillow
  11. And with perfection comes the need for more practice.
  12. A creep, huh? Then you are in the right place, Why do I love Dad jokes so much!??!?! How do you get a squirrel to like you? Act like a nut!!!!!
  13. Yea Now that you've been lured in. How are you doing?
  14. I'm sure they're fine! They'll just work for a different contractor and transfer to Dubai or Bahrain or somewhere. You'd think they'd have to evacuate the building in order to do this:
  15. Thank you @Sam_harris_43 and @Faeding That was very helpful @The History Kid That is exciting. We had a bomb scare once when I worked at Patch Barracks, I didn't know what it was and (stupidly but with no consequences) yelled at an armed MP because I couldn't get to work. *palm slaps forehead* Sometimes I just don't know what I am thinking.
  16. I am desperately trying to find the motivation I need to carry on with this day and it has just started. humph
  17. Lol. That is unspeakably terrifying!
  18. That's good. I think I may need to be active on more places than just this little corner of AF, it's slowing down.
  19. Endynyp

    coffee or tea

    Nicely put!!! There is a wide variety of tastes that accompany tea. It's like wine, it comes in different varietals, and production factors like terrior, leaf selection, and processing can have an enormous influence on taste. Simply put, there is such an enormous variety that I can assure you that there is a tea for nearly everyone.
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