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  1. What are some of your reactions when you watch a certain anime. For example, today I was watching 'Special A' again for a few hours because I couldn't stop watching and I swear, my neighbors have to think I'm crazy because of the constant squealing and loud bursts of laughter that I have as I'm watching this (it is now 10:40pm mind you and I live in an apartment). I mean, just some of the things they say and do, and how uterly clueless Hikari can be. It hurts to watch because she so thick headed sometimes but it's also funny because of everyone else's reactions to her, like Kei most of all.
  2. Oh, haha thanks for correcting me on that so I didn't go around telling other people.
  3. which naruto teacher from konohagakure is right for you? I got Kakashi which I'm pretty happy about
  4. Just realized you were a new member as well! Glad to have you on board, PorkChopWillie! Favorite anime/video games?

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    2. PorkChopWillie


      It's funny that you would say smash bros because I was just telling my friend today that I need to get that game again. I also love the Pokemon games but surprisingly I've never finished one by myself :(

    3. Akame


      You should definitely get Smash Bros for either WiiU or 3DS, it's great either way! And I've played Pokemon games to the death of its existence. :P Right now I'm hyped for Pokken Tournament, Pokemon Go, and the upcoming 3DS Pokemon game whatever it'll be called. (Side note, love your profile header!)

    4. PorkChopWillie


      Haha thanks. :D I'm incredibly excited about the new Pokemon go

  5. Out of curiosity I went ahead and looked up Perfume and Baby Metal and their pretty good. I like how you hear the band for Baby Metal play on the guitar and drums then you hear the women sing and it just throws you off, it's not what I expected to hear haha. I still like it though but probably Perfume more. I've listened to Kanon Wakeshima (who sings two of the closing themes of Vampire Knight) and Yoko Kanno (who sings the opening and closing themes for Ghost in the Shell). Usually any of the bands I check out are because of an anime I've seen, so that's why I know about Kanon and Yoko. Th
  6. For me it was all my dad's fault (like I'm making it sound like it's a bad thing). I honestly cant remember if I had watched Pokemon or Dragon Ball Z before my dad showed me Inuyasha, Cowboy Bebop and Trigun (to name a few) or not but either way I still think it's was when my dad showed me those that I became interested in not only anime but Japanese culture too. I started watching Japanese movies when I would visit him for the summer and even tried to learn the language. Sadly I went to a small country like high school so we didn't have clubs to join or a lot of other people who liked any of
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