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    Sooo hardddddd... either naruto, because memories, or sword art online. I know people say sword art online is trash, but I disagree.
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    Slice of Life

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  1. Well I preferred the manga, but i still really appreciate the anime. I don't really think its the BEST, but top 3 for sure. I like Naruto and Sword art online better. (Don't hate me!)
  2. Digitally for sure. I just have a small Wacom Intuos, but I have access to much more materials for free on my pc and have zoom and bucket and all that stuff. And infinite paper without having to look for it lol
  3. This is my first forum I’ve made an account on, even though I’ve been on the internet for years and years idk why I haven’t been on a forum, but this one looked really good. I hope that I can have some good conversationions, make new friends, and find some good anime to watch! Also I don’t even know what my pfp was but none of my images worked because it had to be 0.05 mb or whatever so I looked up “anime 0.05 mb” so yeah lol
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