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  1. Anohana needs a reasonably priced release in the UK. MVM Films, get on it.

  2. When you find anime on Amazon but it's well out of your price range :veryangry:

  3. Blue Gender Paranoia Agent Ghost Hunt Corpse Party: Tortured Souls Berserk Hellsing Ultimate
  4. I'd try and find the re-mastered version if I were you- it looks a LOT better.
  5. How I feel when I try to learn any language except for English.
  6. Texas Chainsaw is awesome, but the 2013 version is nothing compared to the original 1970's one.
  7. Hey guys. The name's Jack but you all can call me whatever you wish. My favourite anime that I'm currently watching is Nisekoi. I'm from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Music taste: Neck Deep The Story So Far basically anything pop punk related. So ye, hi.
  8. Hey there, welcome to Anime Forums. :)

    1. jataku


      Thanks man. Great to be here!

  9. Hey guys. I'm really new to the site so I thought I'd introduce myself. The names Jack, pleasure to meet y'all. Anywho, Horror films have always been a major interest of mine. I like everything from Paranormal Activity (I only watch it when I want to kill brain cells) to giallo such as Deep Red. What's your favourite horror film or anime? I'd have to say my favourite would be a tie between A Nightmare On Elm Street 3, The Burning, or Terror Train.
  10. It depends, really. Sometimes, if the characters are interesting and well developed, and if I like the general feel of the show (case in point being Anohana) I would like the series to be a lot longer than say 12 or so episodes.
  11. This is a little idea I came up with a while back. I’ve always been able to find my own way as regards to what shows I watch. Sometimes I watch it for the aesthetic (Nisekoi, Anohana, and Lain, all I really enjoy) but sometimes I tend to delve into more unknown animes than the usual Naruto or Dragonball. So, here’s how this is going to work. I’m going to list off some well known anime titles and I will be recommending other titles for people who have seen them and liked them. #1: Death Note/Monster Well, this one doesn’t need any kind of explanation. Death Note, is by n
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