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  1. Recently I saw that Toonami was airing a dub for Hunter x Hunter so I wanted to know how good it is. From the little I heard in the commercial it was average but it could still be complete garbage or a great dub.
  2. I read Marmalade Boy but since I have read it I can't find another manga I wanted to get into. Is there a manga like Marmalade Boy out there to fill the void?
  3. Hideout The way the manga built its atmosphere was amazing and the characters were really great. I also really enjoyed the art for this as well. The only negative I have with it is that they have another female character besides the MC's wife but they never really went into detail on her back story.
  4. I read the manga and it was (in my opinion) a bit boring and more focused on creating bizarre situations than actual horror.
  5. Since you are reading this article I will assume you are a horror lover like I am. The horror genre in anime and manga can be really good but we come into problems with the lack of content in the genre. Anime Horror Recommendations Here are some horror anime titles to check out: 1. Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni If you are a horror lover this is the first show you need to watch. The show has great psychological elements and a mystery to keep you interested in the show until the end. THe show has a second season but only watch it if you enjoyed this one. However viewer be warne
  6. I have seen all those naime in that thread. Also I an avoiding the supernatural tag because I have read those types of manga and I don't find them very scary.
  7. Saw the anime versions but Deadman Wonderland's story didn't finish so I may pick up the chapters to get the full story.
  8. 11 eyes doesn't really fit what I am looking for. Trinity Blood sounds interesting though but the shoujo and comedy tags with it are leading me against it though.
  9. I saw the Ghost Hunt anime and it was really good so I think I may try that out. Also I read the first volume of xxxHOLIC and it wasn't really what I am looking for in a horror manga.
  10. I read Uzumaki but I didn't really enjoy it that much. I was thinking or reading Gyo, is that manga any good?
  11. I have a lot so I will just list them. - Both Noragami Openings - Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Opening - HOTD Opening - Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood First Opening - Parasyte Opening - The entire Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works OST - Akame Ga Kill Second Opening - Both Openings From Durarara season 1 - Log Horizon Opening - No Game No Life Opening - Haikyuu! First Opening - Both Openings from Assassination Classroom Season 1 - Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 Opening - Gekkan Shoujou Nozaki-Kun Opening - Jojo Bizarre Adventure First Opening - Deadman Wonderland Open
  12. I really enjoy the horror genre and I have tried to find manga in the genre I like but it is rather difficult. Any suggestions for good reads?
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