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  1. Also, my favorite place to shop online is rightstuf.com. They have good deals most of the time and their yearly holiday sales are awesome. They and amazon are my go to places for anime, but I try to shop more at rightstuf since they are a smaller run company.
  2. Hello everyone. ^-^ I'm Kitsune-San and I've been an anime fan for most of my life. I started out with Sailor Moon and it led me to enjoy so many genres and art styles of anime. I don't get a chance to chat often or reply to people a lot, but I'll do my best. Some of my favorite anime genres are shoujo, horror and samurai/ninja. I also read manga when I get a chance to.
  3. I used to be able to find really good titles and anime at the nearest Best Buy and Suncoast, but Suncoast left and Best Buy has gotten awful with their selections. It's mostly DBZ (which I love) and Studio Ghibli films (which I also love) but it's disappointing if you are looking for anime that isn't released by Disney or super popular.
  4. Welcome to AF ^^

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