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  1. Wait until all of Brand New Animal is avalible, then binge watch the entirety. Until then, watching old anime I have been planning on watching.
  2. Elfen Lied. IT's one of the few things that's been a help with dealing with PTSD, and my traumatic childhood. It's such a gut wrenching, and painful, yet an empathetic and comforting experience. I've even done a few AMVs for Elfen Lied.
  3. I'm no purist so I will watch what feels and sounds right to me. There are some examples of Dubs being just better than original Japanese, and there's lots of examples of Subs being objectively better than dubs. Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt is 100% Absolutely intended to be listened too and watched in English, there is no debate about that, That was Gainex's intent with it, as it was heavily inspired by western cartoons and has jokes and tropes that Non Japanese people will pick up on that natives will not if they dont watch anything western. So there's no reason for someone to watch PSG in Japanese. But that's a pretty unique case. What I typically will do is watch the first few episodes of a show in both English and Japanese and pick which one feels and sounds better. There are several anime that just are better in English. A lot of people tend to forget that both Japanese and English voice over work will have their own Voice Directors and casting talent, and that some Directors are just better than others. So being a purist and only watching Japanese, or being lazy and only watching English makes you lose out on an experience you could have. DearS, Girls Bravo!, Elfen Lied, Panty and Stocking, Argento Soma, and Gunsmith Cats are good examples of better Dubs than Subs. I will always give both audio tracks a shot until one simply sounds better than the other and I will go with that one.
  4. Huh, What section would I post that in then? I just started watching Sasameki Koto. Yuri FTW.
  5. I have a whole write up as to my critisisms of the 2nd series if you'd like to read. I suppose that would a new thread material sort of thing though.
  6. I'm a fan of a lot of older anime, and I have some questions for people who like older anime but know way more about it than me so I thought i'd come here and ask.
  7. Gunslinger Girl Teatrino. It's rather disappointing tbh.
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