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  1. Omg I don't know if u find the anime but it reminds me a lot of the anime called Charlotte ! Tell me if this is it..
  2. Hey, check out my new youtube channel about AMVs ! I just released my first AMV and I would like some feedback :D


  3. Thank you all! Ohiotaku : I've seen Re:life and Sing yesterday for me is very good but i have not saw Fruit basket because the graphics do not attract me. Is it really a good anime ? Oh yes Recovery of an MMO Junkie and Science Fell in Love are very ggod, i've seen it to heyrenren : I really don't like shounen ai x)
  4. Yep my bad for the link, i'm going to share it in my profil Thank youu !
  5. Hello everyone, I'm joining the party I'm a huge fan of anime and I almost saw all anime but I still have a preference for romance and drama anime so if u have some anime like that i'm open to all proposals. I want to say that i do not speak fluent English so it's pretty bad I also want to say that I have a youtube channel based on AMVs, I released my first video yesterday and I want some advice for futur AMVs. Enjoy it <YT LINK REMOVED, - xii360>
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