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  1. OtakuKid
    Hello everyone. Today I just wanted to throw in a random review about a show I watched called DearS. It’s not one I’m going to weekly review, and it’s CERTAINLY not (very) popular. I just had so many emotions about it I knew I had to review it. So here we go.
    Warning: watch this one ALONE!!! Also warning: THIS IS THE MOST CRINGE-WORTHY HENTAI I SWEAR...
    We’ve all been there. You’re bored, but none of the anime you’re currently watching seem interesting. So, you look for something new. Today, I felt that way, and as I was scrolling through RetroCrush I accidentally clicked on a show. Since I was having a hard time finding anything that sparked my interest, I decided to watch it anyway. And wow, I think this is the exact opposite of what I normally watch. 0~0
    The premise: it’s modern times Japan, and it’s a year after a space-ship crashed full of submissive sexy/sex-loving aliens. They’re now part of society, (kind of; there’s only 150 of them on Earth) and we call them DearS. Why capital s? No idea. Anyway, this kid works at a game shop, and he just snuck out one of those Japanese hentai games for his pervy friends. (honestly, how could I have been SO bored I watched the whole episode? I have no idea...) He got a scar on his cheek after the game store owner found out what he was doing and beat him up. One of the friends mentions he heard a DearS is moving into their neighborhood. Game-store-worker boy (I forgot all the names in this, okay?) apparently thinks these DearS‘s are too good to be true. He doesn’t believe that they could be so smart and hot and whatever.
    Later, after attending class with his creepy, horny teacher, he walks home alone until he spots a girl with a ragged blanket and blue hair huddling in some bushes and shaking like she’s crying. Wow. He walks up to her and he’s like “are you okay? Why are you shaking so much?” She seems just a really shy girl or something, until, after our protagonist bends down to talk to her, she jumps out from the bag fully naked (oh dear lord why did I watch this hentai? Why am I reviewing it?) and then she starts glowing and a tiny bikini with absolutely no coverage pops up on her and then she kisses protagonist boy. He gets all surprised, and then she pulls back to cup his head in her hand.
    Remember the bandage? She puts her hand right on that place and when she takes it away, the band-aid falls off and *BOOM* the cut disappears. He basically goes “what the frick.” And then he walks away, but she follows him. So he just gives up and takes her to his apartment where he gives her some clothes he has and shows her how the shower works. And then he walks away and goes to bed.
    When he wakes up, in classic anime style, he thinks it was all a weird dream. He goes back to sleep for about 1 second, to wake up again and realize that the DearS he found is still naked, and is sleeping next to him. He jumps about 4 feet in the air. Then they eat some bread. Honestly I forgot what order stuff happened in, writing this takes way more time than it does to watch a 24 minute episode. But anyway, after a bit of trouble since she can’t speak Japanese, he finds out her name. Here, I googled it. It’s: Ren Ren Ren Nagusaran Rensia Roroonren Nakora. Yup. He thinks it’s pretty stupid, so he just calls her Ren.
    Then his 6 alarm clocks start going off, and the landlord’s daughter comes upstairs to wake up Takeya Ikuhara (yes I finally remembered his name) like she usually does. He shoves Ren in a closet, but the landlord’s daughter can pretty obviously tell something is off. Anyway, at school he keeps asking the landlord’s daughter stuff about DearS. And that’s about all I remember of this retro hentai horror (at least, the first episode)
    Because I suck at describing anime, here’s what Fandom has to say:
    One year prior to the beginning of the story, mankind made its first contact with an alien species, when a malfunctioning alien spacecraft made an impromptu crash-landing in Tokyo Bay. The aliens on board the UFO are human-like and remarkably beautiful, and are soon affectionately nicknamed "DearS" by their human hosts, which means "Dear friends from outer space"; as extraordinarily kind and gentle as they are lovely, the DearS are a slave race in actuality, seeming to thrive as individuals and as a species by making others happy; as they are unable to return home, the small community of DearS attempts to integrate themselves into human society, concealing their status as a slave race from the public due to concern over the fact that humanity does not agree with slavery.
    The main plot follows the story of Takeya Ikuhara, an average high school student in the fictitious Koharu prefecture, and how his life is turned on its head, due to the appearance of a beautiful and apparently defective DearS he calls "Ren", who, after Takeya saves her life and nurses her back to health and teaching her the ways of the human society, promptly becomes attached to him and moves into the closet of his apartment, declaring herself his slave and him her master. As the story progresses, Takeya finds himself becoming surrounded by several more DearS along with his near-constant companion Ren.

    Okay, if you want to watch this, (why would you) I’ll stop giving you spoilers. Anyway, hope you “enjoyed” this, see you at the next anime review. Also, sorry if you’re now reaching for some eye-bleach.
  2. OtakuKid
    I was reading a blog post from a blog I like, The Drunken Anime Blog, when I had an idea. “I haven’t even started to watch some popular anime’s like Attack On Titan and Fruits Basket yet, what if I reviewed them like she does?” I usually just use a status update, but I think more people will see if I make blog posts.
    Good idea, right? Right. Let’s do this. But then I realized a problem. Two, actually. Number one: “Thoughts from a sad, anime-loving lump” doesn’t exactly sound like a reviews blog. It sounds like a blog about my life. Which, it is. Number two: this is my complaints about life blog. So, I decided to start a new blog. Please comment what I should call it, because I have no ideas. Anyway,
                           Love and UwUs,
  3. OtakuKid
    Hello everyone, today I’ll be reviewing episode one of Sword Art Online. Let’s do this, shall we?

    As soon as it starts, within the first 20 seconds, I am HOOKED, and I can tell I will enjoy this. Unlike One Piece, I really like the art style of this.  I guess I’m just into this sort of thing. Seriously, by the time the dude has fired up his RP headset, I’m shaking with excitement. The concept, the art style, the characters, it’s all awesome. For some reason, other VRV users have so many negative comments. Stuff like “this is trash.” And “why am I rewatching this sucky show? Guess I’m that bored...” 
    Then again, VRV users always have something negative to say, regardless of how good a show is.
    A bit later on, and I’m really starting to like Kirito. He’s really nice, although something’s a bit... off about him. I’m really hoping quarantine makes humanity design some sort of huge game like SAO. It doesn’t have to be exactly the same, but it’ll still be awesome. Hopefully, they don’t trap us in this real-world version, though! 
    Honestly, the reveal of Kayaba wasn’t a surprise to me at all. If them not being able to logout really was a bug, the writers would have missed an awesome chance. Plus, the whole story is centered around them being trapped in Aincrad.
    Klein getting left behind by Kirito is a bit devastating, but I’m sure we’ll see him again. I hope they’re a ship, since I always love LGBTQ+ representation in my fandoms. (Plus, cause I just love their dynamic.)
    Overall, even if it was a bit predictable, it was really good. So many elements added to the enjoyableness of it. I’ll give this episode 5 out of 5 stars. See you next week for episode two!
  4. OtakuKid
    Hello everyone. This is my first time writing a review blog. So, uh, let’s jump in!
    For some reason, the opening reminded me of the opening from the Seven Deadly Sins. And as soon as I saw the art style, I didn’t like it. “Okay, the story better out-weigh this weird style.” I thought. And at first, this show seemed incredibly dumb. The Alvida lady (and her crew) are ridiculously cartoonish characters. I was surprised she didn’t have a Russian accent. 
    Luffy is pretty much a reckless idiot. But the pink-haired dude isn’t all that great either. From what I can tell, this is going to be a pretty silly anime. That means I recommend it if you like stuff like that, but maybe not if you’re into stuff like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures or Fullmetal Alchemist. I’m assuming pink-haired dude will be part of Luffy’s “crew”. The only thing that really interested me was the Zoro guy. He seems cool. There was a thing at the end where, for a few seconds, a dude lifted his head creepily and I'm hoping that’s Zoro. Oh, and the orange-haired girl. She seems pretty awesome and I hope we’ll see her again. 
    And another thing. As with many popular anime’s, I already expected this anime to be a long one, but when I found the actual number my eyes basically popped out of my head. 
    929 episodes. Yes, you read that right. 929 fucking episodes. I hope my liking of this anime will increase, because otherwise, I'm stuck with it for a long time.
    I think I should do some kind of rating system, so I’ll give this anime 3 out of 5 stars.
  5. OtakuKid
    Hey, I’m back on the forums. Just having a busy past few days, but it’s all good now. I wonder what it’ll feel like to be in crowds where babies cry and annoying people spill drinks on you. Worst of all, the noise! Ugh. Anyways, even though I hate crowds I kinda like cosplaying at cons. Will we even have cons again? When this is all over will people still keep away, subconsciously turning themselves into introverts like me and hopefully you, or will people have huge parties and four playdates a day and people people people? Will the diners be packed or empty? Maybe your favorite store will have gone out of business. I can’t wait until “school” is over. Then I’ll have solitude and no annoying math problems and all that crap. It’ll be amazing. Until then, I get solitude but still “school”. A compromise. Oh well.
                               Anyway, enjoy your anime’s, 
  6. OtakuKid
    I guess that explains my emotionless-ness. Thank you, dere types. Sometimes I’m pretty friendly, but that’s usually with people I know. I’d say Rukia from Bleach is kind of a Kuudere. Also, it’s Monday now. Logically I should get my work over with but it’s kind of difficult to find motivation. It takes me motivation to write in here since I don’t always want to open up my feelings. Monday’s are annoying but at least I can be alone in my house, without the annoyance of others. That’s pretty nice. 
    Ok so bye I guess

  7. OtakuKid
    So... tbh I don’t even care too much. I mean, I care about death... (btw i lie a lot. It’s a habit, I’m good at it.) ok, self. Honesty. Please don’t hate me, but I feel.... nothing. I’m not sad about the death, or anxious about getting infected, or happy cause I get to be alone. It’s pretty great I can watch more anime, but I still have online school. All that crap. So, my emotions? Glad, cause of anime, and stressed, cause of school. I feel like Gowther from The Seven Deadly Sins about this. (Then again, I feel like him on about almost everything).  I don’t care about conspiracy’s or any of that junk. I just want to sit and watch anime. My parents don’t have work anymore but they’re getting unemployment. I’m gonna go back to my anime now. I’m at a good part.
                                                              Love and UwU’s,
  8. OtakuKid
    If you use social media, you’ve probably heard that most people are getting pretty sick of quarantine, which is something I just can’t relate to. Anime, reduced school, forum use going up. There’s so much anime to watch! So much manga to read! Even if you’re not into that stuff, you can get a free ebook app and read novels, which I did. Anyway, the last time my class had a video chat (to talk about George Floyd). 
    Oh, yeah, side note, please don’t track me or anything, but I’m going to say where I live: the great state of Minnesota. More specifically, Saint Paul. Other side note, if you haven’t checked the news, some white police officer kneeled on this black dude’s neck and suffocated him, in Saint Paul. Now, we have protests. And riots. At night, sometimes, I can hear people shouting. That’s part of why we have a curfew. My friends closer to the action have had to move into their relatives houses at night. Which is fine, even with quarantine, considering the way the riots could hurt them.
    Okay, so, my class do the video call, and I learn something. Apparently a few kids, and our teacher, are doing a thing called “expanding the bubble”. With kids, mostly it just means they’re bored of missing relatives so they’re adding them to their bubble. What’s their bubble, you ask? It’s their parents and them, their house. If you still live in your parents house (I do), then that’s your bubble cause they’re still hugging you and stuff. Expanding it to fit relatives just so you can see them sucks, right? But we haven’t even gotten to the worst part yet: how my teacher “expanded his bubble”. In horror, I listened as he told me he invited five friends over to play and hang out. Not one, not two, five. Not even family! AND HES THE ONE WHO KEEPS TELLING US THAT DISTANCING IS GOOD. Apparently, what he tells us doesn’t apply to him. I retaliated, but he handled it like “you’re younger, I’m older, that makes me right”. Do you know how absolutely wrong that is? Who cares if you’re getting bored? Better than breaking the law. Actually, a few months ago, some dude got arrested for playing cards with five friends during quarantine. My teacher broke the law BECAUSE HE WAS BORED. I could report him to the police, but I won’t. Let this be an example of why distancing is so important. I think I’ve never been more horrified in my life.
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