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  1. Hello there, I checked Jack Violence. Pretty good. But unfortunately it's not that one. As far as I remember it wasn't in apocalyptic world. But I do remember that few cults sacrifices were using snakes on females. Let me know if that rings the bell. Thank you !
  2. Hi, I've been looking for this anime so much time that I don't really remember how long. So anime definitely aired before 2000. It had so much erotic content, but the main plot was so great that erotic content I don't really recall. I saw only one episode at my friends. Ever since I did not see anything like that. What I remember is that, main plot was about some cult who was sacrificing ladies, piercing trough their bodies and so on. It was so epic, I've never seen anything like that. So main heroine, wasn't really connected with that cult, and she fall in love with some guy,
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